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Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 3 comments

We have been receiving several calls per day from contractors needing the website address for the contractor web.  I would post it on here, but we get so much traffic from people that are not contractors here, so I can’t.  You can access the Contractor Web from any computer at any time.  Please keep the email that Libby sends to you, saved in your inbox.  That email contains the link to the contractor web, and your password.  No matter what computer you are at, you can access your email account, open the email, and access the Contractor Web.  Email accounts are not specific to any one computer.  So if your computer crashes, then you can log into that email account from another computer and easily access the Contractor Web.


  1. It’s not hard to find the Mercer contractors web site.. All anyone has to do is “Google” it and presto.. there it is…

    Why not post it? It is public information and the public cannot access it without a screen name and password right?

  2. I would like to know why we don’t see the same loads our cordinator sees right now im matched to a load from sealy tx to il. And its not on my web sight 4 13 10