Got a question about Mercer? You might find your answer below in the “Frequently Asked Questions”. We would love to hear from you and talk more if you have any questions!



Do I need my own trailer?
You may bring your own trailer to lease on with us, but if you do not have one we have a lease purchase or rental program. No money down.  $600/month to lease a flat. $675/month to rent a dry van.($.03/mile maintenance for mileage over 7700/month)

Where does Mercer load?
We are an irregular route carrier operating in 49 states and all of Canada.

How does Mercer dispatch?
We are a non-forced dispatch company that offers load coordinators to help you plan and stay busy. In addition to the coordinator, you may use the Mercer load board to search our freight.

How do I send in my paperwork?
Mercer doesn’t want to receive paper copies of anything. We utilize scanning technology through your smart phone or tablet.

When do I get paid?
Mercer will pay you within 8 business hours of receiving your load paperwork.

How do I get paid?
Mercer can direct deposit your settlement into a bank account, load your settlement onto your fuel card, or send a paper check to your home address.

Who pays for tolls?
You do. *there are a few exceptions

Who pays for scales?
You do. *there are a few exceptions

Who pays for OD permits?
The customer pays for over-dimensional permits. Our OD department will communicate with you the day before you load to order necessary permits and/or escorts.

What will I haul?
Mercer’s freight consists largely of equipment, machinery, various building materials, military freight, and more.

Can I haul military freight?
The US government is one of our largest customers. You will be eligible to haul DOD freight from day one with Mercer. Additional government clearance may be required on some loads.

What if I want to run my own authority?
If you lease on with Mercer you will be driving under Mercer’s authority. If you want to run under your own then we would be happy to set you up as a carrier for our brokerage division. Please call 888-673-5248 or visit



How long is orientation?
Orientation is every week in Louisville, KY. It is 1-2 days long

Is orientation paid?
Orientation is not paid, but breakfast and lunch are provided.

Does Mercer require a TWIC card?
Yes. If you do not have one please bring a passport or certified birth certificate with you so we can go apply for one during orientation.

What do I need to bring to orientation?
Please bring any securment equipment that you already have. Your recruiter will talk with you about what you need. Also, please bring all truck/trailer paperwork, which may include: titles, registrations, 2290, Articles of Incorporation, and leases.

Where do I stay?
We have plenty of truck parking for you. Each spot has electrical outlets for you to plug into. Our drivers’ lounge has showers, washers, dryers, kitchen, TV rooms, workout room and more. All free of charge.



Do I have to run Mercer plates?
If you have your own plate, you may use it. If you need to get plates, we can do that for you.

How much are plates/permits?
Mercer plates through IN. It’s $2150 for all 48 states and Canada, or $1750 for the eastern 37 states.

How much is insurance through Mercer?
You are not required to obtain insurance through Mercer, but we could probably save you money. Bobtail insurance is $25/month. Mercer pays the cargo and liability insurance. Physical damage is $2.60 per $1,000 coverage, per month with $1,000 deductible.

Does Mercer offer yearly bonuses?
Mercer offers yearly incentives that can reach $1,000. These are based on mileage ran, safety, and years of service.



What is Mercer’s pet policy?
We love pets and welcome them in the truck.

Does Mercer allow passengers?
Maximum truck capacity is one driver and one passenger that is at least 12 years of age. There is a $50 rider policy charge that covers passengers for the whole year.

Does Mercer require E-logs?
Mercer does require the use of electronic logs. We have Qualcomm available for purchase at a discount of $525. The monthly service fee is $45.

Does Mercer offer fuel discounts?
Mercer has negotiated significant fuel discounts at most major truck stops. These savings change day to day and location to location but will save several thousand dollars over the year compared to retail prices. You may check out today’s pricing by clicking here

Does Mercer offer tire discounts?
Mercer has negotiated tire discounts with several manufacturers to help save you money. Typically $100-$150 per tire

Does Mercer have any company trucks?

Can I call another contractor for help or questions?
Mercer has formed a Mentor Program with a group of our tenured contractors that want to help others be successful. They are available to help you with concerns, problems, or advice. We also have a Contractor Relations department to help with any issues or problems.

Does Mercer offer CDL training?