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Do you have a TWIC card?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 7 comments

twic_card_technologyI have spoken with several contractors lately that have TWIC cards, and have never sent in a copy.  If you don’t have a copy here in office, than you are probably not set up in the computer to be offered freight that requires the card.  If you have any question, contact your coordinator to make sure we have a copy.  If you have not already sent us a copy, please send one of the front and backof the TWIC card, to Libby Fagan.  We are seeing more and more freight requiring  a TWIC card, so if you have not applied, please visit


  1. I have had my TWIC card for over a year now and to this date I have not been asked to produce it yet—– I have showed it to Airports—Military and other govt. no-one knows what this card is used for.

  2. As for now, Chris, the only places you need to use this card is at any U.S. port. We haul a lot of containers off of the west coast, especially in Long Beach, and we consistantly have military freight coming in, and going out of the country, for example, Blount Island, FL, Port of Beaumont, TX, Port of Tacoma, WA. Any port that you can think of is requiring this certification. We also hope, that as other companies continue to drop the ball on this, we can steal some freight away from other carriers that move other freight in and out of various ports. If we can cover this freight when other companies can’t, we will all benefit. But we need our contractors to have the card. I’m not saying that you will see an immediate usage of the card, but I guarantee you will use it, and get enough freight to pay for itself within the 5 years that it is good for. Anybody else out there that is getting some use out of the TWIC card? Is anybody missing any freight because they don’t have one?

  3. One of the problems with no obvious answer is even with the TWIC , various other ports are hitting us for TWIC plus their own card w/ various expirations and fees. Just a quick question; what happened to the redundant background checks being done away with ? Hazmat vs TWIC vs “Blount Island card vs CLINK

  4. I have used my TWIC at least two times and the main thing I do complain about is all the hassle about getting it in the first place and the fact that I am gonna have to go thru a second check for my Haz-mat, which i am only getting to help be more load ready, might as well have it all hahaha. also I was told at the ports that my Wife has to get one also so she does not get left out side on a side walk while I am inside.

  5. Jason, You need to inform hazmat drivers that the TWIC card will expire on the same day their licences does. My card is only good for 2 1/2 years.

    Arthur Prevost
    Truck # 9463

    • You’re right Art. You are allowed a discount on the TWIC card of about $30 or so if you have haz-mat. They use the same background check as they use for haz-mat. The problem is, you’re haz-mat is only good for 3 years, when your TWIC is good for 5 years. If you take the discounted price, your TWIC has to be renewed when your haz-mat is due. It is better to pay the full $132.50, and have a valid TWIC card for 5 years, in my opinion.