Corn Hole Raffle!!!


During our Mercer Cookout on March 21st, a group of Mercer employees sold raffle tickets for a Mercer Corn Hole set (donated to us by Chris Carpenter from the CCC Office – Cleveland, OH) and a beautiful hand crocheted doll (donated to us by Robin Lineback – Unit 4732). All proceeds from the raffle sales went to THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. I’m happy to announce we raised over $400.00 from this raffle. THANK YOU ROBIN AND CHRIS!

On the other hand, I’m glad to announce the WINNERS. Mercer contractor Jay Mull (Unit 1222) won the drawing. His wife, Victoria, really wanted the doll but didn’t know what they were going to do with the corn hole set. Another Mercer contractor, Stanley Soule (Unit 12443) really wanted the corn hole set and purchased a substantial amount of tickets. Jay and his wife proudly took the doll and graciously gave the corn hole set to his fellow driver Stanley. Those of us selling the tickets, as well as Jay and his wife, were so happy with Stanley actually getting the corn hole set ……………… after his generous donation to The Wounded Warrior Project. This was truly a WIN WIN situation for everyone!
This is just one of MANY stories of our GREAT MERCER DRIVERS.

Contractors Guide to the Mid-America Trucking Show

Mid-America Trucking Show
Louisville KY, March 22-24
KY Exposition Center, Booth # 19236 (North Wing)

Pre-Show Highlights

Wednesday, March 21st

Driver Forum
9 AM - Building 8 Warehouse

Your opportunity to voice your questions and concerns.

Contractor Seminars

1:30 -5 PM - Building 8 Warehouse
Seminar 1: Mercer Accidents w/ Mark Krauss
Seminar 2: CSA, 1st Year Review w/ Len Dunman
Seminar 3: Computerized Logs w/Jason Schaftlein & Staci Thomas
* 10pts. per seminar will be deducted from your Mercer score, if you attend. Must sign the attendance sheet for credit.

Mid-America Cookout
5-9 PM - Building 8 Warehouse

To show appreciation for our awesome contractors, we'll be hosting our annual cookout on the eve of the truck show. This year we'll be serving jerk chicken and Carribean pork, along with some tasty sides and a root beer float bar. There will also be a DJ, door prizes and games. Bring your friends and family!

Thursday, March 22

Contractor's Lunch
11:30 AM - 1 PM @ Mercer - Building 1

Mid-America Trucking Show
1-6 PM - KY Expo Center


Mid-America Trucking Show
10 AM - 6 PM

Contractor's Lunch
Noon - 1 PM @ MATS, Booth 19236

Mobil Delvac Presents James Otto, Blackberry Smoke and El Camino
Immediately following truck show.
Freedom Hall
KY Exposition Center
Free to all CDL Holders


Mid-America Trucking Show
9 AM - 4 PM

Contractor's Lunch
Noon - 1 Pm @ MATS, booth 19236

** Shuttles will be provided to and from the show!!!

How Can I Lower My Score???????

That’s a question I get from five or six drivers every day. The majority of our folks “get it” about CSA and have adjusted their driving habits accordingly. Unfortunately, we still have a few that think CSA applies to everyone but them. The fact is, CSA is real, it is not going away, and unless you can consistantly get clean inspections you will not survive as a driver. Those who have mastered CSA know that they cannot drive above the posted speed limit (ever), must log legal and current at all times, must secure cargo properly, and must keep up on vehicle maintenance items. Particularly important are brake adjustment, tires, lights and air lines. Bad scores hurt everyone and subject Mercer drivers to more roadside inspections. We have discussed each of the seven BASICs previously. No excuses.

So what happens if you’ve had a bad inspection, or a ticket, or an accident and you’ve run some points up on our system? You can get a handle on your score, there are ways to lower it, but it does require immediate effort and complete commitment to change on your part. Here’s how:

1) Clean inspections. That is key and that is what CSA requires. Whatever is keeping you from getting clean inspections must change. The change must be permanent. Our system gives drivers credit points for clean inspections. Our system is designed to eliminate drivers who can’t get this right;

2) Clean road surveys. I have a service of retired and off-duty police officers who observe and report on our units each month. We look at three shots of speed, three shots of following distance, seat belt use and hands free phone use. Clean road surveys earn drivers credit points. Bad road surveys run up the score. The DOD also road surveys military shipments and they are also scored. Drivers can improve their score here by just doing what they should be doing, driving safely. About forty drivers a month find this out;

3) Additional training/seminars. This year, on Wednesday, March 21, I will conduct three one-hour seminars here at Mercertown. These will start at 1:30 and end in time for everyone to eat at our annual pre-truckshow cookout. All drivers attending these seminars will receive credit points for each;

4) Field Safety Briefings. Every year, beginning in June, I do field LKY inspections at various locations throughout the country. Drivers I inspect also receive various safety material and receive credit points on their scores. Although the exact dates are not yet set, the months and locations are. These are as follows: June, Wichita, KS; July, Stockton, CA; September, Sunbury,PA and Greensburg, PA; October, Arkadelphia, AR and Newberry,SC; November, Tampa, FL. I generally announce the dates of each about one month before the trip;

5) Computerized logs. Although not an EBOR, we have found that drivers who run either Eclipse Logs or Drivers Daily Log on their laptop computers are not having log violations. That is the key to having good CSA scores and this is huge. Because we believe that this is the way drivers should be going, we give credit points to those who run computerized logs. It gets better: Mercer will PAY for the program for any driver who goes to computerized logs by March 31. Yep, we’ll PAY for it. Do it by March 31. For help with this, call Jason, Eric or Gerald in Contractor Relations. Already bought one? Call them about getting reimbursed for that, too. It is important to understand that in the near future I will be requiring repeat log offenders to go to computerized logs to stay at Mercer. That will be at their expense. CSA requires everyone to log legal and current. That is what we will do. Bad habits must change. Drivers who do not share this commitment will not stay at Mercer.

Compliance, Safety, Accountability….CSA. Pay attention to your score. Manage it. Constantly work towards improving it. It can be done. Be safe.