The annual CVSA Roadcheck continues today and tomorrow. Be prepared. Are you doing pretrips and post trips? Is your log book current? Are your tires and brakes in good shape? Lights? Is your cargo properly secured? Are you checking it and flagging the load checks? Do all receipts in the truck match your log book? Are you driving at or below the posted speed limit at all times? Are you wearing your seatbelt?

Roadcheck is all about attention to detail. It requires everyone's best effort. We believe that Mercer drivers are the best of the best. Roadcheck is when we have the opportunity to prove it. Do us proud. Be safe.

Using the Contractor Web.

Dear Mercer Contractors,

           I want to take some time this afternoon to discuss Contractor Web use. I know there are a large number of drivers here at Mercer Transportation that utilize the Contractor web on a daily basis, and others on a semi-weekly basis. Most of you know how to use the Contractor Web as a tool to work in conjunction with your coordinator helping each other out when necessary. The Contractor Web was developed for our contractors to use as a tool to help you see what freight is out there and occassionally back your coordinator up in a manner related to team work. When using the Contractor Web it is imperative to read all the information on the load to determine if you have the right equipment (e.g. Tarps, the right trailer, can scale the weight), the right certifications, (e.g. Hazmat, Doubles, Tanker Endorsement), and can pick the load up on the specified date(s).The Contractor Web was never intended as a replacement for a coordinator, and will never be a replacement for any coordinator.  Also the Contractor Web is a privlege to have, it is not a right and can be revoked by Truck Operations at any time, for any reason.  I understand this may sound harsh but we can't be booking freight if we don't have the equipment or the time available to haul a certain load that you have committed to on the Contractor Web. When we give a load back to a customer for those reasons it looks like we don't know what we are doing, to our customers, and receive service failures for those incidents.  In the future please make sure  you can pick the load up and deliver the load with 100% certainty before you accept any load on the Contractor Web.  Thank you for your service and be safe.

New Mercer Approved Inspection Locations!

Good Morning, I am pleased to tell you we are opening 3 new inspection locations. The locations will be up and rolling on Monday June 11th. Please update any sites when you get a chance.

The locations are as follows:

2689 Sidney Court
I-90 Exit 223
Austinburg, OH 44010

416 Village Dr.
I-75 Exit 135
Beaver Dam, OH 45808

55 Manning Dr.
I-80 Exit 226
Girard, OH 44420


Over the past several months we have noticed an increase of problems with getting all of the necessary paperwork from our drivers for government loads.  Some of you may be aware of this if it has happened to you already.  When you complete a government load, and send in you cbl, you MUST also send in any additional paperwork that is listed on the cbl to get paid for hauling the load. 

For example, your cbl may read "Page 1 of 3", or "SEE CONTINUATION SHEET".  If any additional paperwork is listed on the cbl, you must send it to Mercer along with the cbl to get settled.  Many of the issues we are running into, are because drivers send in page 1 of the cbl, and think it is enough. 

What we have to do if all required paperwork is not sent in, is make contact with the responsible agent.  Then they will have to get in touch with the base responsible for the shipment, and try to acquire copies of the needed paperwork.  First of all, this takes a lot of time, and can cause lengthy delays in truck pay.  Also, we inconvenience a lot of people trying to backtrack and get paperwork that we should have had to begin with. 

Going forward, if you are on site loading a government load, be sure to thouroughly check your bills to see if you have all of the required paperwork.  If anything is missing, do not leave until you have all required paperwork.  If you have any issues call your coordiantor.  Thanks for all that you do, and GO MERCER.

Trucker Buddy, Frank Wehmeyer

Today I visited my Trucker Buddy class in Mooresville NC. They are in 2nd grade and their teacher is Cheryl McCrorey. I have been involved in the TruckerBuddy program for 3 years and have enjoyed sending emails, postcards and videos about the places I go and things I see, but today was my first school visit. I knew they were expecting me, but I was thrilled with the welcome I received. There were welcome signs by the road and on the building. I met with the principal, several teachers and a parent. They also made a cake for me. The kids crawled all over the truck and played with my dog Lucy. They asked great questions and showed me what projects they work on everyday. We looked up some of my past students too. My 13 year old stepson Wyatt made the trip with me too. In the past 13 years of trucking, Tuesday was one of the best days I've ever had sharing with the kids and teacher what I do for a living.

TruckerBuddy,org is a excellent program to be involved in. Sharing our experiences on the road and telling short stories about the places we go can add so much to a child's educational experience.

Frank Wehmeyer.
Truck 11383

Mercer Transportation TA/Petro Rewards

Good Morning everyone. Please take a look at this Flier provided by the people at TAPetro. This promotion that TAPetro is putting on for our Contractors requires that you use your Ultra One Card with your TCH card.


As has already been mentioned, the annual 72 hour CVSA Roadcheck is June 5-June 7. It is important that ALL Mercer units get clean inspections during Roadcheck. No exceptions, no excuses, especially not for logs.  Let me repeat that: ESPECIALLY NOT FOR LOGS. Carriers get many inspections during Roadcheck so there is a tremendous opportunity to substantially improve CSA scores. Or not. Everyone at Mercer is in this together and everyone needs to be committed to getting clean inspections. Statistically, 92% of our drivers have bought into CSA and have few, if any, problems with inspections. Unfortunately, about 8% of our drivers don't get it (yet) and are causing most of our problems with CSA. That makes it hard on everybody who tries to do a great job.

We've been dealing with CSA for a year and a half now. If anyone is still speeding (even 1 mph over), following too closely, not running a current and legal log, not keeping brakes properly adjusted, and/or running tires below allowable tread depths, they just don't get it about CSA, and probably will not survive in our industry. That's how it is. If this does not apply to you, great. If it does, you need to fix it.

Here's a quick fix: As we did last year, clean inspections during Roadcheck earn drivers double the normal credit points. No inspection limit. Mercer needs 100% clean inspections during Roadcheck and we have the folks who can do it. I urge everyone to encourage each other and make this happen. Good luck. Be safe.



The 72hr DOT Blitz is Approaching!!!!

Starting on June 5th through June 7th, The DOT will begin their annual 72hr blitz around the USA. Just want to make ALL of you aware that if you are going to be running freight please make sure all of your paperwork and truck is in good working order. Good Luck everyone and may the best driver win.... And GO MERCER!!!

Trucker Buddy, Mike Mattingly

Hello. Here are some of the pictures from my visit with Friendship Village School in Friendship,Maine. The visit was 2 days. Mike 9593

Trucker Buddy Mike Mattingly. Visited a school in Maine Friendship Village School.

Mercer is proud to have Mike on board. Thank you Mike and all the Mercer Contractors that work so hard to make this company possible.

Trucker Buddy, Roy Hudson.

Dear Mercer Transportation,
Last Thursday, Roy Hudson visited our second grade class at Oak Hill Elementary in Morganton, North Carolina. Twenty students and I have eagerly awaited Roy's visit for weeks! He visited our classroom, ate lunch with us, explained his job and most importantly let each student climb in the cab. They will each take home a picture of themselves in Roy's cab! Roy even went Geo-caching with students that afternoon.

We have corresponded with Roy through emails and letters. Roy has faithfully kept us informed of the highways he has traveled and the loads he has carried via email. We have mapped Roy's travels as a result. Roy even emailed us an awesome laminated atlas to use in our mapping.

I have been a part of Trucker Buddy for several years, and I cannot say enough about what a great trucker buddy that Roy has been this year!

Hopefully, I will be able to have Roy for our trucker buddy with next year's class.

Mercer is proud to have Roy on board. Thank you Roy and all the Mercer Contractors that work so hard to make this company possible.