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IRS Announces Due Date Change
Form 2290 due Thursday August 30th, NOT Friday August 31st.
The IRS Published a Due Date Change on Form 2290.

If you have NOT already e-filed, please do so NOW to avoid unnecessary interest and penalties.
If you HAVE already e-filed, you don't need to worry about this email - but please forward it to your friends so they can also get done on time.

And remember please e-file and pay taxes no later than Thursday August 30th by 5:00pm to avoid penalties and delay.

IRS Finalizes Due Date & e-file Shut Down

Have you heard about the IRS shut down? Do you know if it matters to you? The original IRS announcement made earlier this month regarding the shut down and due date of the 2012 Form 2290 has been updated. Don't be late! Don't pay penalties! Read more...

Want more info? Check with O.O.I.D.A.

O.O.I.D.A. and Land Line Magazine have also found the same post card, and posted an article of their own. Check with them or with us for more details and remember: DON'T BE LATE!! e-file and pay your taxes by Thursday August 30th just to be safe! Read More...

Our goal here at 2290Tax is for ZERO late fees and penalties. Please help us spread the word so we can meet our goal and save you money!


Casey, Jim, Nancy, Ralph, Kailyn & Molly
The 2290Tax Team has a Zero Penalty Goal. We want our customer to pay Zero Penalties - Zero Interest - and have Zero Hassle. We will do everything in our power to help you have this kind of positive experience. Please help us by reading our emails, and forwarding them to friends who could also benefit.

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Offer Expires: Thursday August 30, 2012

TWIC Card Extension

Hey Folks, Seems like there is some word going around that anyone who is holding a TWIC Card that expires before 12/31/14 can call the Help Desk at the TWIC office and apply for a 3 year extension for their card for $60.00(dollars). You need to call 866-347-8942 or 502 897 9788 for additional information. Again this is only for TWIC cards that expire before 12/31/14.
Thank you for tuning in today hope everyone has a fine safe day. GO MERCER

Charlie Johnson's Headstone

Just wanted to share this with all the people who donated at the cookout.  I dont think we would have been able to get this last gift for our Dad without the help of his Mercer Family.  Our Dad was VERY proud to be a Mercer driver!  His heart and soul was in that job.  He spoke very often of  different drivers and their families of the good times they had or the special prayers for different individuals who needed prayer.  Our Dad was not an overly religous person on the outside, but he was definately one to spread the word if there was a special need.  As many of you know a lot of people in this world think that truck drivers are no one special, but we know differently.  It takes a lot of skill and hard work to drive a big truck like that and we are proud of our Dad.  Thank you for kindness and for loving our Dad and making him part of the Mercer Family.  Thank you all also for the many stories we have heard as some we have heard, but many we have not. 






Many of you may be aware of the FMCSA plans on changing the CSA BASICs to include a Hazmat BASIC. Although Mercer hauls only limited quantities of Hazmat, we are still classified by FMCSA as a Hazmat carrier and are graded as such.  Our drivers do an excellent job in transporting Hazmat from a non-spill, non-accident perspective. However, as in everything else associated with CSA, the devil is in the details. Missing placards, torn placards, improper placards, paperwork not properly completed or properly placed in the cab have all been problematic.

All drivers loading Hazmat are required to call the Claims Department before leaving the shipper's facility. This is a 24/7/365 requirement. Claims personnel are trained in Hazmat and have a checklist that they are required to go over with the driver. Drivers who do not report Hazmat loads prior to departure will be banned from future Hazmat offerings.

Drivers who receive DOT hazmat violations at roadside will be required to come to Louisville for additional Hazmat training.  The Mercer standard for Hazmat is zero violations. Everyone needs to work together to make this happen. Be safe.


June 29 - July 2, Canada Day…this is a national holiday. The Federal government, all the provincial governments, and most businesses will be closed.

July 9...Nunavut Day…Nunavut…this is a provincial holiday. The provincial government and most businesses in Nunavut will be closed.

July 12…Orangemen's Day…Newfoundland/Labrador… this is a provincial holiday. The provincial government and most businesses in Newfoundland/Labrador will be closed

Ultra One Members

Good Afternoon!

Ho Ho Ho - It's Christmas In July for UltraONE Members

Next week our members will begin thinking of all the great fun of the Christmas Holidays and their Christmas gift wish list. From July 1st to July 31st, UltraONE members have an opportunity to earn additional rewards for their purchases of diesel fuel. The promotion will work the same as last year - UltraONE members will earn Christmas ClubPoints based on meeting gallon purchase thresholds.

500-999 gallons = 750 ClubPoints
1,000-1,499 gallons = 1,750 ClubPoints
1,500 gallons or more = 2,500 ClubPoints

Christmas ClubPoints are placed into a Christmas ClubPoint Savings account. Members will be able to monitor their gallon purchases through July on their "Members Services" screen at the kiosk. The Christmas ClubPoint threshold will be highlighted on the screen when it has been met. On November 23, 2012 (Black Friday) Christmas ClubPoints will automatically be converted to ClubPoint Travel Store Merchandise Certificates in denominations of 250 ClubPoints. The members can redeem the ClubPoint Merchandise Certificates towards the purchase of great merchandise through the holiday season.

Please pass this exciting information along to your drivers and urge them to fill up at TA/Petro!

Click on link below to view promo.
Christmas In July Promo TA-Petro 2012

Ralph Wiley

For those of you who knew Ralph Wiley 3298, he passed away this week. No funeral arrangements have been released at this time. Please keep the Wiley family in your prayers as they will be needed in this difficult time. Funeral arrangements will be released as they are received. Thank you.


June begins my annual LKY field inspection trips. Besides inspecting trucks, I will be doing safety briefings (primarily on CSA) and Hazmat recertifications. On Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26 I will be conducting inspections at the WKS office in Wichita, KS. I start at 7:30 and work until the last truck is done.

On Monday, July 16 and Tuesday, July 17 I will be in Stockton, CA doing LKY inspections. These will be conducted in the Carl's Restaurant parking lot on Cherokee, just west of Highway 99. Same hours.

If you are planning on being at either location, it is important that you or your coordinator call my Administrative Assistant, Michelle Scott, and have your name placed on my list for those locations. I like to get 20-30 trucks per trip. Keeps me in shape.

With CSA it has never been more important to not let things go. Do your pre trip and post trip inspections. Do not procrastinate on repairs. Keep your log book current. Good habits are important. Be safe.