Referral Program Update 03-29-2021

Here’s a reminder of how our Driver Referral Program works. We’re really needing more Open Deck trucks so we increased the bonus for referring open decks.

Open Deck Referrals

The Mercer Contractor that refers a new Mercer Contractor receives $400 once the new Contractor has been approved and leased on to Mercer. The referrer receives another $500 once the new contractor has been leased on to Mercer for 6 months, and receives an additional $600 after being leased on for 1 year. The referrer will have the opportunity to receive up to $1,500 for each driver referral.

Van Referrals

The Mercer Contractor that refers a new Mercer Contractor receives $300 once the new Contractor has been approved and leased on to Mercer. The referrer receives another $400 once the new contractor has been leased on to Mercer for 6 months, and receives an additional $500 after being leased on for 1 year. The referrer will have the opportunity to receive up to $1,200 for each driver referral.

Referral Program Reminder

We know that many of our owner operators out there have friends in the business who haven’t yet made the switch to Mercer. We also know that first-hand experience from someone you trust can be the best recruiting tool there is. That is the reason we offer a Driver Referral Bonus that can earn you up to $1200!

 The payout for the reward has changed slightly starting at the beginning of this year as we are trying to encourage longevity and encouraging you to recruit guys that you think will be a good fit and stay. Here is how it works now: You refer a contractor that we lease, after they deliver their first load, we’ll reward you with $300. When that contractor hits their 6 month mark with Mercer, you’ll be rewarded with an additional $400, and when they complete 12 months with Mercer you’ll earn a final reward of $500. This is per contractor that you refer to us that leases a truck to Mercer. 

 Thanks for spreading the good word of working with Mercer. Have a great new year, thank you for all of your hard work, and please be safe out there on the road.

Billing Paperwork Reminder

Mercer Owner Operators, 

We have several customers that we haul for that require our drivers to sign the copy of the paperwork that we send in with our invoice/billing paperwork. This trend is becoming more and more common among our customers, so we need your help. 

Please make sure that you are signing all paperwork sent in to Mercer even if you signed the paperwork that you leave with the shipper when you picked up the load. The Bill of Lading is a legal document and needs to be signed showing the material was loaded onto the truck at the point of pickup and delivered to the consignee. 

We thank you with your help in getting you paid quickly and correctly so you can focus on hauling one more load safely.

Thanks for all you do, 

Mercer Billing Team

Hotel Discount

In the event you don't want to sleep in your truck sometimes, Mercer now has a 10% discount off the lowest advertised price at La Quinta Inns and Suites. They are offering 10% discount of the lowest advertised price. They boast over 900 locations currently but will have access to over 9,000 locations in a few months when the acquisition by Wyndham Hotels is complete. We will update you when that happens. This can be used for business or personal reasons. All you have to do is visit or The code for the discount is M3RCER and can also be used to book by phone or in person. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Seasonal Parking Requirements: 2017

Seasonal Parking Requirements: 2017

Seasonal Parking Requirements for UPS/Christmas/Holiday parking

Lot 1 (Main Lot): Loaded Truck/ Trailer units planning to remain on campus for twenty - four hours or less (where space permits) No empty trailer drops, nor long term parking . (Truck maintenance prohibited)

Lot 2 (Driver’s Lounge): BOBTAIL PARKING ONLY . Tractors shall be double parked in the East lanes of the parking lot and triple pa rked in the West lanes of the parking lot.. No long term personal vehicles are allowed on the lot.. No saving spaces.. No empty trailer drops.. Trailers may be dropped at Lot 7,, 1301 Portland Ave (Truck maintenance prohibited)

Lot 3 (Recruiting Building): New recruit/driver orientation/over flow parking only.. No empty trailer drops.. (Truck maintenance allowed)

Lot 4 (Derby City Lot): NO BOBTAILS OR TRAILERS. Four - wheel parking only.

Lot 5 (Inspections Building): Lease trailer program and Inspections . Two lanes shall remain open at all times to enable normal inspections traffic.. (Trailers may be stacked to assist in management of the limited site) (Truck maintenance allowed)

Lot 6 (Building 5 ): Employee vehicle parking only.

Lot 7 (Depot Lot): Secured parking is available for trailer drops on this lot.. (11301 Portland Ave,, 40203) (Truck maintenance allowed)

Additional Information

Transportation/relocation fee: All empty trailer drops shall be coordinated with Mercer Facilities and located on LOT 7 . Empty trailers that are discovered on Lot 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 may be moved to Lot 7 and may be subject to a transportation fee of $50.00.

Mercer Transportation:
Many of our Drivers work thru the night and require day time hours for rest and recovery.. To support restful sleeping, we have restricted all Truck maintenance by outside vendors from Lot 1 and Lot 2. If maintenance work is required, please relocate your truck to Lot 5 (Inspection Lot) or Lot 7 (Depot Lot) to complete the vehicle maintenance.. We h ave established a safe work zone in the parking spots adjacent to the Inspection building.. Please be considerate of your fellow drivers while they sleep and assist with supporting Safe Driving.

***** (We reserve the right to modify these requirements to support operations) *****

What Makes A Show Truck

Truck Shows and Show Trucks

Part of working at Mercer is going to different Truck Shows all over the country throughout the year. We recruit new Owner Operators, learn about developments in the industry, and we get to look at some pretty sweet show trucks. We love taking a walk among the rows of trucks and seeing all the different styles.

Working Show Truck Vs "Limited Mileage Trucks"

It's always interesting to compare these two types of trucks. On the one hand, you have a hard working Owner Operator who in between loads is maintaining his truck. While the "Limited Mileage Truck" doesn't have to worry about getting damaged out on the road. We're a little partial to Working Show Trucks ourselves. We have quite a few Owner Operators who've won awards with their amazing trucks.

What's On The Outside?

There are so many options when it comes to Show Trucks. Not only do you have to choose your base color, but also other colors and styles. Do you choose a complimentary color and go two tone? Do you go with something simple like pinstripes or bars? Or do you go with something more complex like flames? What about Vinyl? Do you go with Vinyl striping, or vinyl art? There are so many different styles to choose from, and they can all have their place.

One also has to consider chrome. Chrome stacks, chrome bumpers, chrome grills, chrome accents. Is there such a thing as too much chrome? Some Owner Operators keep the chrome to a minimum. Others may have trucks that almost seem to have been dipped in chrome, like Achilles in the River Styx.

The Devil's In The Details.

Show Truck 04

We can't forget all the little things that can help tie the theme of the truck together. For some Owner Operators that may be custom lights, while others it may be redoing the interior. There are also the little touches right before the show. Cleaning your tires, making them shine, and some may even go as far as to detail them.

Show Us Your Truck

We know that not everyone has the time to take off for a truck show. That doesn't mean you can't ever enter one though. If you think you have a sweet looking truck even if it isn't a "Show Truck" go to is a monthly online truck show where you can submit a photo of your truck and be entered to win $200. We look forward to seeing your truck in the future.

Learn About: The Iowa 80 Truckstop

The Biggest Truckstop In The World

We thought that since we were going to be spending a few days at the Truckers Jamboree at the Iowa 80 Truckstop, we might share some brief history about the place. As most drivers know, the Iowa 80 Truckstop is huge. It is actually so large that it has earned the title of World's Largest Truck Stop. Sitting on 220 acres and is four times larger than the average truck stop, with parking for 900 trucks, and 150 fuel pumps.

A Brief History

The Iowa 80 Truckstop started operations in 1964, before Interstate 80 was even completed. Standard Oil owned it, while Bill Moon, the founder, managed it. In 1984 Standard Oil sold it, and Bill Moon put everything he had, and even some from friends, into buying the truck stop. Once the Moon family took it over they began to expand it, slowly creating the massive complex that exist today.

The massive facility now has its own restaurant which can seat up to 300 people, as well as many different fast food chain restaurants as well. It also has a gym and laundry services on site. Want to catch a movie on your down time, there's a 60 person theater as well. You can also stop by the Super Truck Showroom, just don't forget to stop by the gift shop before you leave.

Truckers Jamboree

This year is the 38th Annual Truckers Jamboree at the Iowa 80 Truckstop. It started back in 1979 and was created to say thank you to all the drivers that pass through the stop. It's a 3 day event with a Super Trucks Beauty Contest as well as an Antique Truck Show. So if you're in the area feel free to stop by and visit. We will have Mercer Representatives there so stop by and say high to them while you're exploring The World's Largest Truck Stop.


Diesel Tax

You'll be paying a bit more at the pump in a few states after July 1st due to tax increases. Most of these increase are due to states needing more for projects to fix roads and highways. Note that these prices are in relation to diesel tax. The link below will have more information about gas tax increases.

Indiana raised by 10 cents.

Tennessee raised by 4 cents.

Montana raised by 1.5 cents.

West Virginia raised by 3.5 cents.

South Carolina raised by 2 cents.

Maryland's is only going up 0.3 cents.

New Jersey is the highest with 10.8 cents.


The New Face in Contractor Relations

Sitting down with the newest member of Contractor Relations Chris Starck. While he may be new to the Contractor Relations Department, he isn’t a stranger to Mercer. Sitting behind the flatbed service bar in the Contractor Relations office he about how he started back in September of 97. Back then he worked for us in our Claims Department.

In between phone calls Chris discusses his other positions here at Mercer during his 20 years here. With him moving from Claims to Agent Training, to being our Agent in Wilmington NC. Chris took care of that agency for 3 years before going to work with Lynn at LNV for a year.

After getting all of that work stuff out of the way Chris talks about his family. While talking about his wife the question of how long he’d been married came up, “Today is actually my 15th anniversary, I’ve got my card out in the car.”

After finishing another call the conversation turns to his kids, Wyatt and Quinn. "We stay busy with soccer,” he says, “lots of soccer."
“We like to go camping too,” he says leaning back, “we’ve got a canoe and a kayak we take out on the river every now and then.”

The phones start ringing again and the whole department is busy; Alan, Glenn, Chris all go about taking care of drivers, answering questions, sharing stories. Waiting for Chris to finish  to ask one final question, what does he bring to contractor relations and why does he want to be in there. “Well I think that I bring a different perspective to the department, seeing as I was on the claims and agent side of the company. Also I don’t want to see just Mercer succeed, I want our Contractors to as well.”

HazMat Endorsement Bonus Program

In an effort to support our various shippers that ship hazardous materials, Mercer has instituted a program to encourage our contractors to add the Hazmat Endorsement to their CDLs. Any contractor who renews their CDL in 2017 and includes the Hazmat Endorsement will receive a $50.00 bonus for each of their next six hazmat loads hauled. This bonus will also be available to contractors whose CDLs are not expiring in 2017 but add the endorsement by years end. Drivers, if you have added or renewed prior to this date but still in 2017 please call Yardley Flaherty, she will update your driver file. Drivers who add the endorsement even though their CDL is not expiring in 2017 should also call Yardley. Drivers who renew their CDLs with the Hazmat Endorsement from this point forward in 2017 need not do anything. Yardley will update your file automatically.

How to get the $300
Renew your CDL and Include the Hazmat during 2017/Add Hazmat to your CDL in 2017
Get with Yardley Flaherty to make sure you are updated.
The next 6 HazMat loads will pay $50 dollars straight to the truck.

Any Questions call Contractor Relations at 502-625-3296

There are a number of areas of the country where the Hazmat Endorsement will benefit you in terms of loading options, IN, PA, MS and UT to name a few. Not only will you benefit from the $300 bonus over 6 trips but most of these loads pay an additional Hazmat charge. This program will run until the end of the year. We will be monitoring the benefit of the program for our drivers, shippers and Mercer, if the program is successful do not be surprised to see it extended into 2018.