Thanksgiving Dinner

Hi Mercertown! Please see message below from our fantastic volunteers:

We will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at Noon in the Driver’s lounge. If you are here on the yard (or close by) please share in this feast! The dinner is hosted and provided by; Mercer, various Mercer employees, and agents. If you won’t be in until later, be sure to check the refrigerator for leftovers and help yourself 

Mercer is very thankful for our wonderful drivers! We look forward to spending Thanksgiving with you.


New contact for sales leads

Hi Mercertown!  One of our team members from the Sales Department, Travis Belden, has taken on a new role in following up on sales leads from contractors.  Whether business is booming or slow, we can always use new ideas and leads from contractors.  Travis will be the point of contact for this information.  He can then research potential sales leads and forward them as needed.  His contact information is:  Please identify who you are if you contact Travis so he can more easily get back in touch.  Thanks and have a great day!

2013 Volvo and Mac 53' step for sale




2013 Volvo 730 ISX Cummins 550 HP 13-speed, 13.2 w/ front air ride axle, 40 air ride rear axle w/ lockup, 244 wheel base, 11R22.5 tires on aluminum rims, Tri-pac APU, 344K miles $91,500.

Also, 2013 Mac 53' step deck trailer on 17.5 tires on aluminum rims (35" deck height) CA legal w/ sliding rear axle. 2 boxes, extra lights w/ strobes. 10,000 lbs. $40,000.

Both units are in great shape. Call/Text Tom at 920-655-3070.

Wounded Warrior update 11-11

Hi Mercertown! Please see Wounded Warrior update below from Libby:

The veterans of our military services have put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that we enjoy. They have dedicated their lives to their country & deserve to be recognized for their commitment and they have our deepest gratitude.

Borrowing from the band Europe….it’s “The Final Countdown”! Today is the last day of our Veteran’s Day Fundraiser. Quick reminder on how you can donate:
Louisville employees can donate to Debbie Hobbs, Staci Thomas or Libby Netherton
Contractors can call Libby Netherton
Agents can send an email to Libby

To all the Veteran’s among our Mercer family…..THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Wounded Warrior Project update

Hi Mercertown! Please see message below from Libby about Mercer's Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser:

One last push to reach our goal for our Veteran’s Day fundraiser. We will be accepting donations from now until the end of the day Wednesday November 11th. Any amount is welcome and there are several ways for you to be able to help.

Louisville employees---you may drop your donations off to Debbie Hobbs, Staci Thomas or Libby Netherton
Contractors---you may call Libby (502)625-3343 and make a donation from your Reserve or a Trip
Agents---you may also call Libby

Thank you to all of our Mercer veterans. Because of the brave and courageous men & women of our military, we all possess the most precious gift: FREEDOM
It’s men & women like you that make all of us proud to be Americans!

03 International for sale

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

2003 International Cummins ISX 10 speed transmission, it has all new rods, mains, oil cooler, gears in the front cover, new cam, new head, a/c compressor, air compressor, alternator, all new tires, and new brakes. 1.2mil. miles on truck. $14,900 OBO. Shawn (330) 416-1579. truck has been with Mercer 2 1/2 years

Wounded Warrior Project Update

Hi Mercertown!

You still have plenty of time to participate in our 2nd Annual Veteran’s Day Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser. We will be accepting donations now through Wednesday November 11th. Should you wish to donate, you can do so using the following methods:
You can come by the Company Store and Libby Netherton will be happy to take your donation.
You can call Libby (502-625-3343) and request that your donation be taken from a Trip or from your Reserve.
Our debt to the heroic men & valiant women who serve and have served our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude and we are proud to do what we can to show our appreciation.


Mercer Mobile App Upgrade

Hi Mercertown!

Mercer has been working to update and release the newest version of our Mercer Mobile App for Mercer Permanent Contractors, and we are excited to announce that it is ready and available for download/update. This application is available to any Mercer Contractor with an Android or iphone. However, it is NOT available for download in the app/play store. If do not already have the app installed on your phone, you must contact your coordinator to get a four digit code, then log into the Contractor Web, go to the links section, and click “Mercer Mobile for Drivers” to download the app. Also on that page, you will find the links to the User Manual for the app. Please download the user guide, and read it thoroughly before installing and utilizing the application.

This mobile app will be a great tool for all of our Mercer Contractors to use while out on the road. Our first version of the app made it possible for our contractors to perform their Loaded, Empty, and check calls at the touch of a button. Now, with the latest update, we have also incorporated document scanning into the app, which will allow you to easily, and quickly send pictures of load documents, and other Mercer related documentation through the app directly to Mercer. Sending paperwork to Mercer through the app will NOT require the use of a bubble/cover sheet, and you will be able to send unlimited documents to Mercer for only $2.75 per month! This is a significant savings compared to the price per page that is currently charged for Transflo.

Mercer is very confident that this app will help us all be more efficient and effective in our day to day operations. To encourage the download and usage of the app, we would like to offer a little incentive to you. Starting immediately, Mercer will give a new dash cam to each unit that downloads, and fully utilizes all of the functions of the app!

To be eligible for the dash cam, you must download the app, or update the app if you already have it installed. You will then be able to pick up your dash cam from the company store in Louisville.  IT must be picked up in person.  Then over the next 90 days, we will track the usage of the app to make sure you are using it. You will need to perform Loaded, Empty, and Check Calls, submit all paperwork, and also enable the tracking option. If all of these options are not utilized consistently over the 90 day period, we will charge you for the dash cam ($40.00). Also, if the lease is terminated within the 90 day period, the camera will need to be returned to Louisville.

The tracking option is located in the Settings of the app. You can enable tracking and set the interval in which the app will update Mercer with the GPS location of your device. This location information will be helpful for Mercer to track mileage for Fuel Tax reporting, and also help us to quickly and easily update your coordinator and our customer of your location. Many shippers are requesting this type of tracking and location update from us. Utilizing this part of the app, may help us to acquire more freight, and better rates! The tracking can be turned on and off. Mercer doesn’t have any interest in tracking you during your personal time, so you may disable tracking when you are not operating the truck. Tracking must be utilized if you wish to get a free dash cam.

If you are not interested in a dash cam or already had one, and are not interested in having another one, we still would like to encourage you to download the app. It is a great tool for you all to have, and it is technology that we are committed to continuously develop over time. There will definitely be more exciting upgrades in the near future!

So if you are ready to get started, log on to the contractor web, go to links, tap on Mercer Mobile for Drivers, and tap on the link that says Install/Update Mercer Mobile. If you already have the mobile app, it is ready for the update! Most questions on how to download and use the Mobile App can be found in the User Guide available on the contractor web.  If you have any questions contact your coordinator, or the Contractor Relations department.

As always, thanks for all you do. Have a great day, and GO MERCER!

Android update:
If you already have the app installed (just needing to update the version), just log on to the contractor web, go to links, tap on Mercer Mobile for Drivers, and tap on Download Mercer Mobile 2.0 for Android. You will only need a registration code if you do not already have the app installed on your phone.

iOS update:
When you tap the Update button the “do you want to install…” windows pops up and when you hit “install”. The app closes and updates without showing the little “clock” animation over the app icon like it used to. So…

1.) In Mercer Mobile Settings, swipe up if you can’t see the Version info/Update button
2.) Tap the Update button
3.) Tap Install in the “install window”
4.) The app closes and starts updating without indication that is doing so…
5.) Wait for the app to install… You can tell that the phone is doing something by looking at the status bar at the top near where you can see how many “bars” you have.
6.) When the thing indicating the phone is doing something up near where your “bars” are stops indicating it is doing something run the app and it will be version 2.0.

Wounded Warrior Project

Our 2015 Veteran’s Day Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser begins tomorrow, October 1, 2015. Should you wish to participate, you can do so using the following methods:

You can come by the Company Store and Libby Netherton will be happy to take your donation.
You can call Libby (502-625-3343) and request that your donation be taken from a Trip or from your Reserve.

Thank you in advance for your support! We appreciate you!

05 Peterbilt and 51ft stepdeck trl for sale

Burris A Burris B

Burris 12a Burris 13b

C-15 cat with a recent overhauled engine with Cat Warranty until Oct 2016, also new seals brakes and brake drums were put on all 5 axles in January 2015, 6 out of the 8 drive tires were put on in April of this year brand new, new steer tires with a front end alignment in August.
Truck has a 18 sp trans, trailer is a spread axle trailer with 3 tool boxes, ramps that can also be used as load levelers.
Call me at 918 520 9795. Truck is leased on with Mercer now.
I'm asking $68,900 for both truck and trailer with all my tarps and chains, straps everything
I'm retiring from trucking and going into a complete different field of work