*** Final WWP Update *** Our goal of $11,111.00 seemed impossible to reach with the short period of time we had to do it. However, Mercer faced that challenge head on and came through with flying colors. We ended our WWP VETERANS DAY PROJECT with a grand total of $12,000.00! What Mercer accomplished, as a family, was amazing! Our Veterans will never forget what they've done for our country...neither will we. To all of our Veterans out there, thank you for your service & sacrifice.


** WWP Veterans Day Project Update ** $8,510.55… One last push - we are so close! Only 6 donating days to raise $2,600. Help our injured heroes this Veterans Day & donate what you can. Every little bit helps. You can drop off your contributions with Debbie Hobbs, Libby Netherton or the drop box behind Lisa Watts. If you are one of our fabulous Agents, send me an email to lnetherton@mercer-trans.com. If you are an amazing, dedicated contractor, give me a call @ (502)625-3343. As always, your continued support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything!

***Wounded Warrior Fundraiser Update***

*** WWP VETERANS DAY PROGRESS *** $7,432.55….YES WE CAN!! You guys have been amazing so far. Only $3,678.45 to reach our goal and 11 days to do it. The United States of America is free because of the brave and this is our way of giving back and saying thank you. Every little bit helps. Debbie Hobbs or Libby Netherton are on hand, in the Louisville area, to receive your contribution. Agents, you can send me an email to lnetherton@mercer-trans.com. Contractors, you can give me a call...502-625-3343. We appreciate your support!

::::::WWP Veteran's Day Fundraiser Update::::::

*** WWP VETERANS DAY PROJECT UPDATE *** So far we have raised $6,658.09. We're getting closer! Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far, but its not too late for everyone else. 16 more contributing days, so if you haven't donated yet, you still have time. Remember, as little as $5.00 from everyone reading this message gets us to our goal of $11,111. DON'T WAIT---DONATE! In the Louisville area, you can drop your donations with Debbie Hobbs or Libby Netherton. Agents - send Libby an email to lnetherton@mercer-trans.com. Contractors - give Libby a call at 502-625-3343 As always, thank you so much for your support of our brave & selfless military.

Wounded Warrior Veteran's Day Fundraiser Update

*** WWP Veterans Day Project Update *** $5,653.09 to date! With 21 days left, we're a little more than halfway to our target goal. We can do this! Remember, as little as $5.00 from every Mercer employee, agent office and contractor will get us there. Locally, myself or Debbie Hobbs will be happy to take your contribution. There is also a drop box in the lobby behind Lisa Watts. Agents--send me an email.....Contractors--give me a call @ 502-625-3343 Onward and Upward!!! Thanks for participating in this great cause.

Wounded Warrior Veteran's Day Fundraiser Update

*** $4,160.98 *** What a great start to our WWP Veterans Day fundraiser event! Mercer employees, contractors and agents have really stepped up to the plate. Let's keep the momentum going! Remember, just a $5.00 donation from everyone will help us reach our goal! Please call Libby Netherton (502-625-3343) to make your contribution. You may also stop by the company store and see her. Many thanks for your continued support of our Brave Wounded Warriors.

Truck Show Season nearing the end

Mercer is wrapping up another great year of truck shows. We attended a few more this year than normal and there was always some Mercer family to hang out with! We really appreciate anyone that has helped Mercer represent in the truck show circuit and we always hope to see you out next year. There are just a few shows left for us to attend this year. We will be in Denton, MD 9/6-9/7,  Englishtown, NJ 9/13 and St. Ignace, MI 9/12-9/14. Also, Joplin, MO 9/26-9/27 and the final one is in Fletcher, NC on 10/17-10/18. We will also be doing several driver appreciation days at various truck stops in the southeast in September and October. We will let you know those dates in a week or so.
Our friends in the Norfolk, VA office will be in Denton, MD next weekend. They will also be in Englishtown, NJ for the U.S Diesel Nationals 9/13. Chris Swanks from Recruiting will also be there and would love to see you. They will have food and raffle chances for all that attend. We hope that if you are in the area you can stop and check them out. Lynn said she would reimburse your entry fee. Thanks and lets move one more load safely!