2008 Doonan Stepdeck FOR SALE!!!

2008 Doonan 48 step deck

40 Bottom, 8 top, CA. legal spread, Container locks 20 and 40 FT, 10 Sliding winches on each side, 4 Boxes, dunnage rack, tires 4 mo. old, Breaks and shocks 1 year, LED lights, 13.5 pin

Bought new trailer.
Please Contact 817-233-6692 Richard Henze for any additional information you might be seeking.

Richard Henze 2008 Doonan Step Back

Richard Henze 2008 Doonan Step Front side

Richard Henze 2008 Doonan Step Side view

Richard Henze 2008 Doonan Step Tires

Richard Henze 2008 Doonan Step

National Driver Appreciation Week is here!

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week starts Sunday, September 14th, 2014, and runs though Saturday, September 20th, 2014.  It is always an exciting time around here, because we feel like all of you deserve every bit of appreciation that people can throw your way.  This company would be nothing without our wonderful Owner-Operators, and we would like to show our appreciation by sending you a little gift!

Mercer would like to offer all of our current, qualified drivers an opportunity to order a Mercer shirt from our online store.  We have picked out two different styles to choose from, a long sleeve button up work shirt, or a short sleeve polo style shirt.

shirt  polo

Our drivers will be able to select between these two styles of shirts, which are available in multiple colors, and numerous sizes, including ladies sizes.

These shirts are a special order just for driver appreciation, and they will only be available to order online at mercerdrivers.com.  They will NOT be carried in the company store at Mercer.  Once the order is placed online, it will be shipped to the address of your choice.  Also, there will just be a 30-day window to go online and order your gift.  All orders MUST be placed by October 12th, 2014.  This should provide you all ample time to complete your order.

Now I know that some of you may not be too internet savvy, so I will provide step by step instructions on how to order.

First go to mercerdrivers.com, and the screen will look like this:


Choose which shirt you would like to order by clicking the "MORE INFO" button below the shirt.  NOTE: Color selection will be on the next page


Select the color of shirt you want and the size you need by clicking on the drop down selection boxes to the right of the picture of the shirt.  Then click "ADD TO CART"


Next, verify you have selected the right shirt color, and size, then click the "CHECKOUT" button, which is highlighted in yellow on the screen above.


Enter your shipping information, phone number and email address, then click "NEXT".


Enter your Mercer driver code (same as the code you use on your logs) in the designated area, then click "NEXT".  Any orders placed with inactive driver codes will not be filled!


Verify your order, and shipping information, and click "PLACE YOUR ORDER".


The last page will confirm your order.

Again, thanks for all that you do for Mercer Transportation, and this country!  What would we do without you all?

Have a great day, and GO MERCER!


An Announcement from the Over-Dimensional Department of Mercer Transportation.

To all drivers…

In the spirit of encouraging new and current customers to continue to use our business, we are now going to be including general routes along with our quotes. These routes are designed for optimum pricing. Most of the routes will list states and cities to cross through. Avoiding tolls and expensive permitting states (mostly for overweight) is included in these routes. We encourage all of you to continue to request the route you would like as long as it stays within the parameters of the quote.

Yes, you will still be reimbursed for tolls (NYC excluded as always), provided that the quoted route includes those tolls. Runs will be routed around tolls if a safe, practical, & economically beneficial alternative can be found.

Unfortunately, any run requiring pilot cars CANNOT be routed any differently than what is quoted. The mileage is calculated as closely as possible to once again maximize our quote, resulting in more freight being awarded to Mercer.

Here at Mercer, we love our drivers and take pride in being able to be as flexible as possible to accommodate all requests. We appreciate your understanding while implementing this new procedure. Together, we can help take Mercer and our drivers to record load numbers this year and beyond.

Thank You,

Benji Simmons
Mercer OD Team Lead

2015 Western Star FOR SALE!!!

2015 Western Star and 2015 Doonan 48 foot drop deck.5yr/500000 full warranty no deductible.
FET has been paid,
If truck sales before trailer , will separate trailer if needed.
I can save you$ 30,000 + on this package . Only 25000 miles on both,
Possible medical is the reason for selling.

To many options to list:

For any serious inquiries please call : Rory Tanner at 602-370-7893

Rory Tanner 0828 exterior 1

Rory Tanner 0828 exterior

Rory Tanner 0828 interior

Rory Tanner 0828

Rory Tanner Captains Chair

Rory Tanner exterior 2

Rory Tanner interior 1

Rory Tanner interior 2

Rory Tanner interior 3

Rory Tanner interior 4

Len Dunmans Inspections Schedule for September and October 2014

Good Morning Mercertown, click on the link below to view Len's inspection schedule for September and October 2014. Thank you and GO MERCER!!!

Len Dunmans September and October Inspections Schedule

US Diesel Nationals Englishtown NJ.

Hey there Mercertown. The US Diesel Nationals in Englishtown NJ. Sept. 13th. Gordon from our Norfolk Agency will be representing at the truck show. If you are in the area or have planned on going stop by and see him.

Us Diesel Nationals

Truck Shows on the East Coast

Hey Mercertown. Gordon from the Norfolk VA Mercer Agency will be at the 3rd Annual Eastern Shore Large Cars Truck Show. There will be a booth set up if you are in the area stop by and see him.

Sep 6 - Sep 7 3rd Annual Eastern Shore Large Cars
Denton, Maryland.

Held at the Caroline County 4-H Grounds. Detour Rd. Denton, Maryland 21629 (2 Miles off Rt. 404/16 intersection)
Proceeds raised from show are presented to Caroline County 4-H Division State of Maryland.
Main Truck Show event on Saturday and a show N shine on Sunday.
For more info please contact: eslc@comcast.net or Check us out on FB www.facebook.com/ESLargeCars

Eastern Shore

National Driver Appreciation Day

There will be a National Driver Appreciation Day at the TA in Wildwood FL Sept. 16th from 3pm to 7pm.
Mercer has been invited and will partnering with TA and the Florida Trucking Association for this Driver Appreciation Event.
Dennis Baughn will be representing. GO MERCER!!!

E-Filing 2290

Mercer Owner/Ops, Below is a link that will provide you with another avenue for filling your 2290 online if you haven't yet or would like to start filing online. Check it out and GO MERCER!!!

Mercer flyer 2290