Diesel Tax

You'll be paying a bit more at the pump in a few states after July 1st due to tax increases. Most of these increase are due to states needing more for projects to fix roads and highways. Note that these prices are in relation to diesel tax. The link below will have more information about gas tax increases.

Indiana raised by 10 cents.

Tennessee raised by 4 cents.

Montana raised by 1.5 cents.

West Virginia raised by 3.5 cents.

South Carolina raised by 2 cents.

Maryland's is only going up 0.3 cents.

New Jersey is the highest with 10.8 cents.

Source: https://itep.org/gas-taxes-will-rise-in-7-states-to-fund-transportation-improvements/

The New Face in Contractor Relations

Sitting down with the newest member of Contractor Relations Chris Starck. While he may be new to the Contractor Relations Department, he isn’t a stranger to Mercer. Sitting behind the flatbed service bar in the Contractor Relations office he about how he started back in September of 97. Back then he worked for us in our Claims Department.

In between phone calls Chris discusses his other positions here at Mercer during his 20 years here. With him moving from Claims to Agent Training, to being our Agent in Wilmington NC. Chris took care of that agency for 3 years before going to work with Lynn at LNV for a year.

After getting all of that work stuff out of the way Chris talks about his family. While talking about his wife the question of how long he’d been married came up, “Today is actually my 15th anniversary, I’ve got my card out in the car.”

After finishing another call the conversation turns to his kids, Wyatt and Quinn. "We stay busy with soccer,” he says, “lots of soccer."
“We like to go camping too,” he says leaning back, “we’ve got a canoe and a kayak we take out on the river every now and then.”

The phones start ringing again and the whole department is busy; Alan, Glenn, Chris all go about taking care of drivers, answering questions, sharing stories. Waiting for Chris to finish  to ask one final question, what does he bring to contractor relations and why does he want to be in there. “Well I think that I bring a different perspective to the department, seeing as I was on the claims and agent side of the company. Also I don’t want to see just Mercer succeed, I want our Contractors to as well.”

HazMat Endorsement Bonus Program

In an effort to support our various shippers that ship hazardous materials, Mercer has instituted a program to encourage our contractors to add the Hazmat Endorsement to their CDLs. Any contractor who renews their CDL in 2017 and includes the Hazmat Endorsement will receive a $50.00 bonus for each of their next six hazmat loads hauled. This bonus will also be available to contractors whose CDLs are not expiring in 2017 but add the endorsement by years end. Drivers, if you have added or renewed prior to this date but still in 2017 please call Yardley Flaherty, she will update your driver file. Drivers who add the endorsement even though their CDL is not expiring in 2017 should also call Yardley. Drivers who renew their CDLs with the Hazmat Endorsement from this point forward in 2017 need not do anything. Yardley will update your file automatically.

How to get the $300
Renew your CDL and Include the Hazmat during 2017/Add Hazmat to your CDL in 2017
Get with Yardley Flaherty to make sure you are updated.
The next 6 HazMat loads will pay $50 dollars straight to the truck.

Any Questions call Contractor Relations at 502-625-3296

There are a number of areas of the country where the Hazmat Endorsement will benefit you in terms of loading options, IN, PA, MS and UT to name a few. Not only will you benefit from the $300 bonus over 6 trips but most of these loads pay an additional Hazmat charge. This program will run until the end of the year. We will be monitoring the benefit of the program for our drivers, shippers and Mercer, if the program is successful do not be surprised to see it extended into 2018.

Old Contractor Web is Going Down This Weekend Details Below

As some of you mentioned at the drivers forum, the phone app has been slow, or sometimes not connected, the last few Mondays (and a couple of Tuesdays).  We have already been testing a replacement server with much more processing power, and are ready to deploy it this weekend.  At the same time, the old Contractor Web will not operate on the new server, so this will be the last weekend you can use the old version of Contractor Web.



Switchover plans are below.   During the periods specified as downtime, both the mobile app and Contractor Web will be unavailable.   You will need to call in the old-fashioned way if you need help.


We are planning the following to have the least amount of downtime and protecting the most active hours.


  1. Take the systems down Friday evening, April 7th around 11PM to midnight to perform the final full system save from the old server.   Systems will be down until around 4AM Saturday morning.
  2. Systems run as normal on Saturday for the weekend work, and will be shut down at 5PM on Saturday, April 8th.   During the day we will be loading the new server from the previous night’s system save.
  3. Saturday evening after 5PM, we will load changes made from work done on Saturday and start bringing up the new server and testing all connections with other servers and communications.
  4. Systems to be available on Sunday, April 9th by 7AM to continue working.   If for any reason something unforeseen happens overnight that is a problem, revert back to current server.

Mercer Lot Parking

Wow.  That was a great truck show and Jamboree.  Thank you for being patient thru all the modifications in support of the events.

Please remember to pick-up your trailer from the rental parking lots (9th Street/ Flood wall).  We will no longer be renting these lots after March 31.

The Driver’s Lounge has returned to regular parking and no longer “bobtail only”.

The campus has returned to normal parking requirements.

Many thanks,
Mercer Transportation

Truck Show Parking Requirements:

Truck Show Parking (March 18 – March 27, 2017)

Lot 1 (Main Lot): Loaded Truck/ Trailer units planning to remain on campus for twenty-four hours or less (where space permits) No empty trailer drops, nor long term parking. (Truck maintenance prohibited)

Lot 2 (Driver’s Lounge): BOBTAIL PARKING ONLY. Tractors shall be double parked in the East lanes of the parking lot and triple parked in the West lanes of the parking lot. No long term personal vehicles are allowed on the lot. No saving spaces. No empty trailer drops. Trailers may be dropped at the remote Mercer lot at 939 South 9th Street (Truck maintenance prohibited)

Lot 3 (Recruiting Building): No parking. Lot closed to support Truck Show Events

Lot 4 (Derby City Lot): Alternate Bobtail parking (Parking coordinated thru Company store) No empty trailer drops.

Lot 5 (Inspections Building): Lease trailer program and Inspections. Two lanes shall remain open at all times to enable normal inspections traffic. (Trailers may be stacked to assist in management of the limited site)

Temporary Leased lots #1 (Flood wall Property/ 1101 Rowan Street): Additional secured parking has been designated at 1101 Rowan Street, 40203 to support Truck Show and trailer drops. The lot is secured at the entrance 24/7.

Temporary Leased lots #2 (939 South 9th Street): Additional secured parking has been designated at 939 South 9th Street, 40203 to support Truck Show and trailer drops. The lot is fully fenced and secured 24/7.

Transportation/ relocation fee: All empty trailer drops shall be coordinated with Mercer Facilities and will be limited to the temporary leased lot. Empty trailers that are discovered on Lot 1,2,3,4 may be moved to another Mercer lot and may be subject to a transportation fee of $50.00.

Mercer Transportation:
Many of our Drivers work thru the night and require day time hours for rest and recovery. To support restful sleeping, we have restricted all Truck maintenance by outside vendors from Lot 1 and Lot 2. If maintenance work is required, please relocate your truck to Lot 5 (Inspection Lot) to complete the vehicle maintenance. We have established a safe work zone in the parking spots adjacent to the Inspection building. Please be considerate of your fellow drivers while they sleep and assist with supporting Safe Driving.

***(We reserve the right to modify these requirements to support operations)***

Mercer Fuel Prices

Due to a rather sudden event, we had to make a small change to our fuel prices page. You may now be noticing that it ask you for a password. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank your for your understanding in this transition. The password for the site is mercer, and that is all lowercase.

Change is...

Let me guess, most of you finished that title with bad. We’ve all heard it all our lives, “Change is Bad.” Heck one of the most famous brand failures is when Coca-Cola decided to introduce the world to New Coke. This particular version of Coke was so hated that people did more than just complain about it, they actually stopped buying the product. But not all change is like that, most of our lives have been filled with changes that helped make our world better.

Just think a little over a hundred years ago on December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers had just done the impossible by flying through the air in a heavier than air aircraft. Forty-Three years later on October 14, 1947 Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier hitting Mach 1. Then just 5 years later Scott Crossfield broke Mach 2 on March 2, 1953.

What makes humanity great is our capacity for change. Our ability to use to tools and learn from those who came before helps us not just advance ourselves, but advance ourselves exponentially. The computers we used to land a man on the moon aren’t as powerful as the ones in the cheapest of smart phones.

Most of you can remember the days before cellphones or even pagers, where you had to wait in the same truck stop for a call. Now you can be reached almost anywhere at a moments notice. The landscape of trucking is changing, and at a very rapid pace over even just the last few years.

That brings us to our most recent change, the new Contractor Web. We are rolling this out early to give you a chance to get use to some of the changes with the new system. We hope that you also take this opportunity to contact us using the Support link at the top of the page. Any ideas or suggestion's you have would be appreciated because we want this tool to not only be as good as the current Contractor Web, but even better. Look at the current Contractor Web as hitting Mach 1, and with the new Contractor Web we will be hitting Mach 2.