Mercer Gets Food Discounts

The T/A in Wildwood FL is offering "The Layover Special" food discounts for Mercer Contractors. All you have to do is go see Dennis (our Southern recruiter) and get a card or if he's unavailable see the restaurant manager.
Here's how it works: Your first food purchase while you are there is regular price, the 2nd is 20% off, the third is 20% off and the forth is 50% off.

Basically, the folks at T/A in Wildwood hope that if you're going to be laying over somewhere in FL, you'll do it with them! Thanks and drive safely you all!

Big Thanks!!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks on behalf of the recruiting department to all of our Mercer Contractors out there on the road. We have been getting lots of help lately by way of driver referrals and it is really appreciated! It really makes us feel good about what we are doing when we have so much support and hear how well you guys are representing us out there. 

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE....If  you haven't sent us any referrals lately guess what?

We still appreciate you. Thanks to all of you guys for all of your work and commitment to keep this company strong and all of our families fed. Your recruiting department thanks you!!

Be safe out there,


Driver Referrals

I would like to send a special thanks to all of our Owner Operators that have sent us referrals over the past few months. We have really seen an increase lately in the number of driver referrals that we have received which really shows me that you guys are representing us well out there on the road.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the driver referral program that we offer for our contractors this is how it works:
If you meet an O/O out there on the road that you think would be a good fit for our company, tell him to give us a call and get an application. When they fill it out, have them put your name or Unit # on the application and when they lease on we will pay you $400.00. After they are here for 60 days, we’ll give you $200.00 more.

Historically Mercer Owner Operators have been our best recruiters in the Company because you guys know the system, know the freight, and are truly the cream of the crop in the trucking community. Thank you for your help out there on the road – both in recruiting Owner Operators and in upholding our image of having the most professional Owner Operators in the industry – it is because of you guys we are able to be successful at what we do.

Thanks for everything,


Walcott Truckers Jamboree

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank everyone who showed up to hang out with us at the truck show last week. I had a great time seeing everyone and I'm very proud of how you all represented Mercer! Thsnks for all that you do.


Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop a quick note in here about the website. We've been getting some really cool trucks submitted to but most of them are from guys that are NOT at Mercer. GET YOUR TRUCKS ON THE SITE!!!! We started this site so we could show off our fleet but it is turning into a showcase for other peoples trucks. Don't let those other guys show us up; Spread the word and get thoses rigs submitted. Let's show the nation what a great looking fleet of trucks Mercer has!

The new guy

Hi guys!! Jason just set me up on here today, so I'll try to keep everyone up to date with any happenings in the recruiting dept.

Thanks adding me J!!