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Run with the Best

Mercer Transportation is always seeking dependable owner-operators who are interested in building successful careers. We need your skills and your equipment to move our freight. If you are looking to take a turn for the better, you’ve come to the right place.

Mercer is continuously leasing on owner-operators who offer flatbed, dry van or step deck services. With one of the best safety and compliance records and the lowest claim and occurrence rate in the industry, we are proud to offer our owner operators consistent freight and a wide variety of commodities to haul. In addition, Mercer promotes a supportive family-oriented atmosphere, generous and convenient home time, as well as optional worker’s compensation coverage.

As an owner-operator, you own your own business — now it is time to own the road. Mercer offers the opportunities and supportive atmosphere needed to secure all of the benefits that you deserve.

Why should you choose Mercer?

Mercer is a 100% owner-operator company. Our contractors drive our success. We value their skill and hard work so we treat them right, with:

  • No company trucks to compete with for freight
  • No forced dispatch
  • Open door policy at the home office
  • Valuable safety, revenue and years-of-service credits
  • Prompt settlements through our Quick Pay program
  • Mercer coordinator and load board to help with planning and other needs
  • Fuel tax filed and paid by Mercer
  • Fuel and tire discounts

Choose Your Own Road

Mercer’s freight is consistent. Our nationwide network of freight agent offices helps us create a large customer base, which allows us to keep trucks moving. Mercer offers owner-operators a variety of commodities to haul such as iron, steel, pipe, machinery, building materials, glass and military freight. Mercer has been ranked as one of the top five carriers nationwide for government traffic, making us the proud recipient of the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC) Quality Carrier Award.

Our freight movement is not concentrated in a few lanes, but moves to all points in North America. With many choices available and no forced dispatch, owner-operators have the ability to directly control their profitability with ample opportunities to get to or through “the house.”

Work Directly With One Coordinator

All trucks are assigned a central truck coordinator with a dedicated phone line. You are also given access to the Mercer load board to view, accept, or reject freight. Mercer coordinators manage teams of about 40 trucks. This allows ample time to address each owner-operators needs and to coordinate their movement through the Mercer system in a safe, efficient and profitable manner. There is no forced dispatch.

Prompt Settlement From A Stable Company

Since Mercer’s founding in 1977, it has been the company’s goal to have the fastest truck pay in the industry. Mercer has earned the reputation for paying owner-operators promptly after each trip delivered. In addition, there are a variety of payment options available. Financial stability is demonstrated by Mercer’s continued growth- all without outside acquisitions.

Our Door Is Always Open

Mercer’s open door policy means there are no barriers or restrictions between the owner-operators and the Mercer staff. Mercer does not operate a “behind closed doors” business and owner operators are welcomed and encouraged to make themselves at home at the Louisville headquarters and deal directly with their coordinator. The personal attention and open atmosphere are key to the success of the contractors and the company.

Mercer’s Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Owner Operators

  • 25 years old. Under certain circumstances, 23 or 24-year-olds may be accepted.
  • One year of recent verifiable experience in interstate trucking.
  • Good driving record with respect to accidents and traffic violations.
  • Current Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Current D.O.T. long form physical and card.
  • Must have a smart phone.
  • Ability to speak and read English.

Minimum Requirements for Permits and Licensing

  • Truck Title
  • Trailer Title(if applicable)
  • Copy of the 2290 FHUT marked paid
  • Copy of Long Form Physical
  • Certified Empty Weight Ticket

*All the above items are needed for all contractors. These items must be in-house prior to arriving for orientation.

Optional forms may be needed on a per case basis:

  • Truck registration (if running your own plate)
  • Trailer registration (if running your own plate)
  • Articles of Incorporation (if incorporated)
  • Power of Attorney (if contractor is not available to sign lease)
  • Lease purchase agreement (if equipment is leased)
  • Original title for trailer plate

Licensing Options

Mercer has three fleet options available to accommodate owner operators’ diverse driving preferences. Our fleet includes the following divisions:

  • System – 48 states and Canada
  • Mid America – 37 states and Canada(not available for vans)
  • Van – 48 states and Canada

Insurance Programs Available

Mercer offers voluntary Insurance Programs:

  • Collision, Comprehensive, Fire and Theft (voluntary):
    • Premiums based on value:
      • $500 Deductible – 3.78% annual premium
      • $32 per month for each $10,000 of insured value
      • $1,000 Deductible – 3.13% annual premium
      • $26 per month for each $10,000 of insured value
  • Occupation Accident or Workman’s Compensation are mandatory – – cost through Mercer is $130/month (does not have to be purchased through Mercer)
  • Bobtail Insurance can be obtained through Mercer for $25 per month. (this is mandatory but does not have to be purchased through Mercer)

Mercer pays the cargo and liability insurance with no charge back to you for premiums.

NOTE: Premiums may increase during the year.

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