Dash Cameras

We’ve all seen them. The  dash camera videos shared on Facebook of people driving poorly. Accidents caught on dash cameras that could have been avoided if only someone had been paying more attention. When it comes to accidents involving “big trucks” blame falls on the truck driver almost instantly. However, many times it is the fault of the other party. They cut off the truck, or drift into it’s lane. Without clear evidence, the conclusion becomes one person’s word against the other.

We here at Mercer want to help you protect you and your equipment, and your driving record. Therefore we are offering a Free* forward facing dash camera. The camera when used properly will provide a constant looping video of you driving down the road. Dash camera footage has been used numerous times to show “the other party” at fault. With dash camera footage we have been able to provide clear evidence for our contractors.

In conclusion if you are interested in obtaining one of the Free* dash cameras you simply have to agree to the following:

  1. You must be a Mercer Contractor
  2. You must have the camera on and recording whenever you are working.

Mount It – Plug It In – Turn It On 

It’s that simple.

Interested in picking one up, stop by the Mercer Transportation Company Store during regular store hours.