Seasonal Parking Requirements: 2017

Seasonal Parking Requirements for UPS/Christmas/Holiday parking

Lot 1 (Main Lot): Loaded Truck/ Trailer units planning to remain on campus for twenty – four hours or less (where space permits) No empty trailer drops, nor long term parking . (Truck maintenance prohibited)

Lot 2 (Driver’s Lounge): BOBTAIL PARKING ONLY . Tractors shall be double parked in the East lanes of the parking lot and triple pa rked in the West lanes of the parking lot.. No long term personal vehicles are allowed on the lot.. No saving spaces.. No empty trailer drops.. Trailers may be dropped at Lot 7,, 1301 Portland Ave (Truck maintenance prohibited)

Lot 3 (Recruiting Building): New recruit/driver orientation/over flow parking only.. No empty trailer drops.. (Truck maintenance allowed)

Lot 4 (Derby City Lot): NO BOBTAILS OR TRAILERS. Four – wheel parking only.

Lot 5 (Inspections Building): Lease trailer program and Inspections . Two lanes shall remain open at all times to enable normal inspections traffic.. (Trailers may be stacked to assist in management of the limited site) (Truck maintenance allowed)

Lot 6 (Building 5 ): Employee vehicle parking only.

Lot 7 (Depot Lot): Secured parking is available for trailer drops on this lot.. (11301 Portland Ave,, 40203) (Truck maintenance allowed)

Additional Information

Transportation/relocation fee: All empty trailer drops shall be coordinated with Mercer Facilities and located on LOT 7 . Empty trailers that are discovered on Lot 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 may be moved to Lot 7 and may be subject to a transportation fee of $50.00.

Mercer Transportation:
Many of our Drivers work thru the night and require day time hours for rest and recovery.. To support restful sleeping, we have restricted all Truck maintenance by outside vendors from Lot 1 and Lot 2. If maintenance work is required, please relocate your truck to Lot 5 (Inspection Lot) or Lot 7 (Depot Lot) to complete the vehicle maintenance.. We h ave established a safe work zone in the parking spots adjacent to the Inspection building.. Please be considerate of your fellow drivers while they sleep and assist with supporting Safe Driving.

***** (We reserve the right to modify these requirements to support operations) *****