What Makes A Show Truck

Truck Shows and Show Trucks

Part of working at Mercer is going to different Truck Shows all over the country throughout the year. We recruit new Owner Operators, learn about developments in the industry, and we get to look at some pretty sweet show trucks. We love taking a walk among the rows of trucks and seeing all the different styles.

Working Show Truck Vs "Limited Mileage Trucks"

It's always interesting to compare these two types of trucks. On the one hand, you have a hard working Owner Operator who in between loads is maintaining his truck. While the "Limited Mileage Truck" doesn't have to worry about getting damaged out on the road. We're a little partial to Working Show Trucks ourselves. We have quite a few Owner Operators who've won awards with their amazing trucks.

What's On The Outside?

There are so many options when it comes to Show Trucks. Not only do you have to choose your base color, but also other colors and styles. Do you choose a complimentary color and go two tone? Do you go with something simple like pinstripes or bars? Or do you go with something more complex like flames? What about Vinyl? Do you go with Vinyl striping, or vinyl art? There are so many different styles to choose from, and they can all have their place.

One also has to consider chrome. Chrome stacks, chrome bumpers, chrome grills, chrome accents. Is there such a thing as too much chrome? Some Owner Operators keep the chrome to a minimum. Others may have trucks that almost seem to have been dipped in chrome, like Achilles in the River Styx.

The Devil's In The Details.

Show Truck 04

We can't forget all the little things that can help tie the theme of the truck together. For some Owner Operators that may be custom lights, while others it may be redoing the interior. There are also the little touches right before the show. Cleaning your tires, making them shine, and some may even go as far as to detail them.

Show Us Your Truck

We know that not everyone has the time to take off for a truck show. That doesn't mean you can't ever enter one though. If you think you have a sweet looking truck even if it isn't a "Show Truck" go to ShowUsYourTruck.com. ShowUsYourTruck.com is a monthly online truck show where you can submit a photo of your truck and be entered to win $200. We look forward to seeing your truck in the future.