Sitting down with the newest member of Contractor Relations Chris Starck. While he may be new to the Contractor Relations Department, he isn’t a stranger to Mercer. Sitting behind the flatbed service bar in the Contractor Relations office he about how he started back in September of 97. Back then he worked for us in our Claims Department.

In between phone calls Chris discusses his other positions here at Mercer during his 20 years here. With him moving from Claims to Agent Training, to being our Agent in Wilmington NC. Chris took care of that agency for 3 years before going to work with Lynn at LNV for a year.

After getting all of that work stuff out of the way Chris talks about his family. While talking about his wife the question of how long he’d been married came up, “Today is actually my 15th anniversary, I’ve got my card out in the car.”

After finishing another call the conversation turns to his kids, Wyatt and Quinn. “We stay busy with soccer,” he says, “lots of soccer.”
“We like to go camping too,” he says leaning back, “we’ve got a canoe and a kayak we take out on the river every now and then.”

The phones start ringing again and the whole department is busy; Alan, Glenn, Chris all go about taking care of drivers, answering questions, sharing stories. Waiting for Chris to finish  to ask one final question, what does he bring to contractor relations and why does he want to be in there. “Well I think that I bring a different perspective to the department, seeing as I was on the claims and agent side of the company. Also I don’t want to see just Mercer succeed, I want our Contractors to as well.”