HazMat Endorsement Bonus Program

In an effort to support our various shippers that ship hazardous materials, Mercer has instituted a program to encourage our contractors to add the Hazmat Endorsement to their CDLs. Any contractor who renews their CDL in 2017 and includes the Hazmat Endorsement will receive a $50.00 bonus for each of their next six hazmat loads hauled. This bonus will also be available to contractors whose CDLs are not expiring in 2017 but add the endorsement by years end. Drivers, if you have added or renewed prior to this date but still in 2017 please call Yardley Flaherty, she will update your driver file. Drivers who add the endorsement even though their CDL is not expiring in 2017 should also call Yardley. Drivers who renew their CDLs with the Hazmat Endorsement from this point forward in 2017 need not do anything. Yardley will update your file automatically.

How to get the $300
Renew your CDL and Include the Hazmat during 2017/Add Hazmat to your CDL in 2017
Get with Yardley Flaherty to make sure you are updated.
The next 6 HazMat loads will pay $50 dollars straight to the truck.

Any Questions call Contractor Relations at 502-625-3296

There are a number of areas of the country where the Hazmat Endorsement will benefit you in terms of loading options, IN, PA, MS and UT to name a few. Not only will you benefit from the $300 bonus over 6 trips but most of these loads pay an additional Hazmat charge. This program will run until the end of the year. We will be monitoring the benefit of the program for our drivers, shippers and Mercer, if the program is successful do not be surprised to see it extended into 2018.