Old Contractor Web is Going Down This Weekend Details Below

As some of you mentioned at the drivers forum, the phone app has been slow, or sometimes not connected, the last few Mondays (and a couple of Tuesdays).  We have already been testing a replacement server with much more processing power, and are ready to deploy it this weekend.  At the same time, the old Contractor Web will not operate on the new server, so this will be the last weekend you can use the old version of Contractor Web.



Switchover plans are below.   During the periods specified as downtime, both the mobile app and Contractor Web will be unavailable.   You will need to call in the old-fashioned way if you need help.


We are planning the following to have the least amount of downtime and protecting the most active hours.


  1. Take the systems down Friday evening, April 7th around 11PM to midnight to perform the final full system save from the old server.   Systems will be down until around 4AM Saturday morning.
  2. Systems run as normal on Saturday for the weekend work, and will be shut down at 5PM on Saturday, April 8th.   During the day we will be loading the new server from the previous night’s system save.
  3. Saturday evening after 5PM, we will load changes made from work done on Saturday and start bringing up the new server and testing all connections with other servers and communications.
  4. Systems to be available on Sunday, April 9th by 7AM to continue working.   If for any reason something unforeseen happens overnight that is a problem, revert back to current server.