Change is...

Let me guess, most of you finished that title with bad. We’ve all heard it all our lives, “Change is Bad.” Heck one of the most famous brand failures is when Coca-Cola decided to introduce the world to New Coke. This particular version of Coke was so hated that people did more than just complain about it, they actually stopped buying the product. But not all change is like that, most of our lives have been filled with changes that helped make our world better.

Just think a little over a hundred years ago on December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers had just done the impossible by flying through the air in a heavier than air aircraft. Forty-Three years later on October 14, 1947 Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier hitting Mach 1. Then just 5 years later Scott Crossfield broke Mach 2 on March 2, 1953.

What makes humanity great is our capacity for change. Our ability to use to tools and learn from those who came before helps us not just advance ourselves, but advance ourselves exponentially. The computers we used to land a man on the moon aren’t as powerful as the ones in the cheapest of smart phones.

Most of you can remember the days before cellphones or even pagers, where you had to wait in the same truck stop for a call. Now you can be reached almost anywhere at a moments notice. The landscape of trucking is changing, and at a very rapid pace over even just the last few years.

That brings us to our most recent change, the new Contractor Web. We are rolling this out early to give you a chance to get use to some of the changes with the new system. We hope that you also take this opportunity to contact us using the Support link at the top of the page. Any ideas or suggestion's you have would be appreciated because we want this tool to not only be as good as the current Contractor Web, but even better. Look at the current Contractor Web as hitting Mach 1, and with the new Contractor Web we will be hitting Mach 2.