It’s that time of the year again folks!  In just three weeks, the truck show will be here.  We are busy finalizing our plans so that we can provide our visitors with a great experience!

The Mid America Truck Show is the biggest truck show in the country, and we are lucky enough to have it in our hometown of Louisville.  For years many of our contractors have flocked to Louisville to attend.  In the past we have provided transportation to the show, and entertainment at the yard to try to show how important our contractors are to us.  This year will be no different.  In fact, our booth at the show, and our driver appreciation events will be bigger and better than ever!

Whether you are a truck show week veteran or if this is your first time coming, below I will lay out all of our plans for the week of the show.  Pay close attention, because we have made some adjustments to our normal routine that you need to be aware of.

First we’ll discuss parking.  Most of you that attend know that it gets a little tight around here that week.  Here are our plans which will go into effect on the morning of Monday, March 23rd:

Lot 1 (Main lot): Loaded Truck/ Trailer units planning to remain on campus for twenty-four hours or less (where space permits) No empty trailer drops.
Lot 2 (Driver’s Lounge): Bobtail only parking. Tractors may be double parked in the East lanes of the parking lot and triple parked in the West lanes of the parking lot. No personal vehicles are allowed on the lot. No saving spaces. No empty trailer drops.
Lot 3: New recruit/ driver orientation/ over flow parking only. No empty trailer drops.
Lot 4: Alternate Bobtail parking
Lot 5: Empty Trailer drops. Two lanes shall remain open at all times to enable normal inspections traffic.
Trailers may be stacked to assist in management of the limited site.
Lot North of flood wall: Coupled truck/ trailer, dropped trailers, over flow parking etc.

Once you have arrived, and you get settled in, check in with Lisa at the front desk of the Truck Ops building or Jan at the front desk of the Recruiting building.  They will get you signed in, and give you a bag that will have a full itinerary of events, and some other goodies in it.  Then get plenty of rest as we will have a full day of activities on Wednesday March 25th.

Wednesday, March 25th:

9:00 AM – Our first scheduled event of the day will be the Contractor’s Forum in the warehouse.  This is an opportunity to be able to spend some time with most of the upper management of Mercer Transportation.  We will take some time to review last year, and preview this upcoming year, and also have some time for Q&A.

12:00 PM – We will have our first catered lunch by Dish on Market.  Food and drink will be available in the warehouse.

2:00 PM – Safety will be getting out of their normal routine of three seminars.  This year we will just have one seminar at 2PM, and it will be worth a 10 point safety score credit.  Also, the seminar will NOT be recording for viewing at a later date.  Please read the below message from Len Dunman regarding this:

By Len Dunman

At 2:00 pm on Wednesday, March 25, Jaime Wilson, of Zurich Loss Control, will conduct a one–hour seminar on accident prevention. Zurich is Mercer’s insurance company and Jaime works closely with me in analyzing Mercer accidents and in developing accident reduction strategies. Drivers who attend this seminar and are signed in will receive 10 credit points on their safety score. This will be the only seminar we offer this year and it will not be recorded. Rob Curry and I will be available for a question and answer session after Jaime’s presentation.
For those drivers who want to earn additional credit points on their scores this year, the emphasis will be on ELDs. Thirty point credit is available for those who volunteer ahead of their scheduled date. To answer driver questions, the Log Department will expand their daily informational classes on Thursday and Friday. The schedule will be posted at the reception desk in the Recruiting Building.
Within the next several months, drivers will be able to earn safety credit for online safety courses. We are pretty far along on this and should have it underway by summer. Also, expect to see an announcement of a second safety equipment credit program. It will not replace the current credit but will be in addition to it. We are still receiving feedback from our insurance company and our shippers on what should be included. We are hoping to have this finished and rolled out to drivers by late Spring.

The truck show is one of my favorite times of the year. I look forward to spending time with everyone, answering your questions, and discussing your concerns. Mercer drivers are the best. Be safe.


After all of the important business stuff is complete, it will be time to have a blast at our annual Driver Appreciation Cookout!  Starting at 5:00Pm that Wednesday night, we will have food, music and fun at the warehouse during our Driver Appreciation Cookout.  This year, our booth at the truck show will have a 50’s Diner theme, and we will follow this theme with the cookout.  We will have a band, and a dance floor, and as always we will be giving away a lot of great prizes!  Also, please feel free to dress the part, and break out those poodle skirts and leather jackets!

In the past we have spent a lot of time drawing for prizes, and we are going to get away from that a little.  We will still have plenty of great door prizes, but we will be doing things a little different so that we are not standing in front of you all for an hour trying to give everything out.  When you get here and get your goodie bag, more information and direction will be available to you at that time.  Prizes will ONLY be available to currently qualified Mercer drivers and contractors who are present during the driver appreciation cookout.

Once we get done with the Driver Appreciation event, then it’s on to the big show!  We will have a catered lunch at the warehouse on Thursday at noon, and immediately start transporting drivers to the show.  The show hours are as follows:

Thursday March 26th – 1:00PM – 6:00PM

Friday March 27th – 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Saturday March 28th – 9:00AM – 4:00PM

The concert will be Friday night at 7:00PM

We will have some different transportation plans to shuttle contractors to and from the show.  We will have transportation provided to us by Fisher Buses throughout the show.  Fisher will provide two buses that will alternate pickup locations every 30 minutes.  Hopefully this will help as you should know when each bus will be in each location.  This schedule is subject to change, and we will include an official schedule in your goodie bag.   The only pick-up location  for drivers at the Mercer yard will be directly in front of the drivers lounge.  Also, these buses will NOT be able to transport any large items that are purchased at the show.  Please contact our facilities department to fulfill this need.  Here is our transportation schedule:

Thursday, March 26th
1st bus picks up at Mercer at 12:00 PM
2nd bus picks up at Mercer at 12:30 PM
Buses alternate every half hour until making final pickup at fairgrounds at 6:30 PM

Friday, March 27th
1st bus picks up at Mercer at 9:30 AM
2nd bus picks up at Mercer at 10:00 AM
Buses alternate every half hour until making final pickup at fairgrounds at 6:30 PM

Both buses arrive in front of Freedom Hall at 9:30 PM to pick up group after concert.

Saturday, March 28th
1st bus picks up at Mercer at 8:00 AM
2nd bus picks up at Mercer at 8:30 AM
Buses alternate every half hour until making final pickup at fairgrounds at 4:30 PM

I know this is a lot of information to take in.  As stated above, we will have official itineraries available starting Monday March 23rd with full details of all events.  Hopefully you can join us this year!  And if not, be safe out there!  Have a great day, and GO MERCER!