So, we have talked plenty about EOBRs this week, so now we can move on to the other hot button topic, CARB.  As you all should know, at the end of the year, any truck with an engine that is 2006 or older will not be allowed into the state of California.  So, in order to enter the state, you will need to either upgrade to a California compliant truck (07 engine or newer), or to upgrade your 1996-2006 engine with a DPF filter.

As you know, California is a huge freight lane for us here at Mercer.  Next year, a large portion of Mercer’s fleet will not be able to cross into the state.  We are also aware or the cost of upgrading to a newer truck, or adding the dpf to your current truck, which can run anywhere from $13,000 to $20,000.

So effective immediately, and through the end of 2013, Mercer is going to put some money on the table to help our contractors that are interested in upgrading equipment.  Here is how Mercer is going to help:

  • If you upgrade your NON-Compliant truck (06 Engine or older) to a CARB Compliant (07 engine or newer) truck, you will be eligible for a $3000 bonus.  Once you have contacted our permit department, and we have proof that you have upgraded, the $3000 will be paid out at $300 per trip for the next ten consecutive trips.
  • If you upgrade your NON-Compliant truck (1996-2006 Engine) with a DPF filter, you will be eligible for a $3000 bonus.  Once the DPF is installed on the unit, we will need proof of purchase, and then the bonus will be paid out at $300 over the next 10 trips.

Lastly, once the CARB rule goes into effect, which as of now, they are saying it will be on January 1st, 2014, Mercer is going to increase the pay rate for all CARB Compliant trucks on inbound and outbound California freight from 75% to 80%.  The higher percentage will be paid for 24 months after the law is put into effect.  We are hoping that both of these incentives will help our contractors move forward with upgrading your equipment.  And also, if you have not interest in upgrading, we are ok with that too.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Contractor Relations department at Mercer Headquarters.  Have a great day, and GO MERCER!