On Monday 11/12 and Tuesday 11/13 I will be doing LKY inspections in Brandon (Tampa) Florida from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm both days. The TPA office moved from Plant City to Brandon so we have a new location for inspections. Jonathan has located a suitable lot  in Brandon near Falkenberg and Causeway for me to do the honors. Call the TPA office for specific directions. The Tampa inspection trip is my last scheduled field inspection stop for 2012. If you need an LKY inspection this year and you can’t get to Louisville, this is your last chance.

Most of the trucks I’ve looked at this year have been in pretty good shape. Most guys have figured out CSA and are not having problems with it. ABS on some models continues to be a problem. What I see more than anything is folks trying to push their tires too far, particularly trailer tires. Tire violations are big points under CSA (24, or 30 if OOS). It doesn’t take many of those to point a driver out on our scoring system. Don’t risk it. I’d pull steer tires off at no less than 6/32 and everything else at 4/32 max. Remember, under inflated tires, chunked or cut tires also score on CSA. This stuff has got to be right.

This just off the press: State and Federal inspectors will be doing an inspection extravaganza in Selma , AL today and tomorrow. If you are in the area, you will probably be invited to that party.

Do your best today to avoid an accident. Be safe.