The annual CVSA Brake Safety Week is scheduled to begin this Sunday, September 9 and run through Saturday, September 15. Drivers should expect to get at least one, possibly multiple Level 1 inspections next week. If you don’t know how to adjust your brakes, I strongly suggest that you get by a qualified shop before Sunday and have them checked.

It is important that all Mercer units get clean inspections, particularly on Vehicle Maintenance (Brakes, etc) and on Fatigued Driving (Logs). CSA is eliminating folks who can’t get this right, not from just Mercer, but from the industry. This stuff is not going away. This is the environment in which we have to conduct our business.

For almost two years, I have told everyone that successful operation in the CSA world requires four simple things: 1) Log legal, keep your logbook current. No exceptions, no excuses; 2) Don’t speed, ever. Run at or below the posted speed limit. No excuses about “running with traffic” or ” I had my cruise set” ; 3) Use more than enough securement, don’t be lazy about securing cargo; 4) Do thorough pre-trip and post-trip inspections and fix problems immediately. Four things. If you resist or refuse to do any one of these, you will have problems with CSA. I see it every day. It’s not rocket science.

I urge everyone to prepare now for Brake Safety Week. One of the requirements of being the best is to show the best effort. Next week requires each of you to prove it. Be safe.