Many of you may be aware of the FMCSA plans on changing the CSA BASICs to include a Hazmat BASIC. Although Mercer hauls only limited quantities of Hazmat, we are still classified by FMCSA as a Hazmat carrier and are graded as such.  Our drivers do an excellent job in transporting Hazmat from a non-spill, non-accident perspective. However, as in everything else associated with CSA, the devil is in the details. Missing placards, torn placards, improper placards, paperwork not properly completed or properly placed in the cab have all been problematic.

All drivers loading Hazmat are required to call the Claims Department before leaving the shipper’s facility. This is a 24/7/365 requirement. Claims personnel are trained in Hazmat and have a checklist that they are required to go over with the driver. Drivers who do not report Hazmat loads prior to departure will be banned from future Hazmat offerings.

Drivers who receive DOT hazmat violations at roadside will be required to come to Louisville for additional Hazmat training.  The Mercer standard for Hazmat is zero violations. Everyone needs to work together to make this happen. Be safe.