For the past several months the Claims Department has been evaluating video cameras in trucks. We had a recent lane change accident event in which our driver had a dash camera and it clearly indicated the driver was not at fault. Not only did the video prove he was not at fault, the video record enabled the driver to be compensated for the damages to his truck, as well. The camera acts as an always alert independent witness to any accident or event involving the truck.

Mercer now has in stock in the Company Store a Dash Video Camera with an 8GB video card. The camera has night vision capability and an option for motion detection when the truck is parked. The camera is equipped with a cell phone type battery and has a cigarette lighter type charger with an extra-long cord. Technical help and questions will be handled through our supplier, Mercer is selling these units for $80.

We recommend this purchase. A unit is on display in the Company Store and a video clip is available for review. Contact Libby Netherton to answer any questions about purchasing one of these units.