Special Notice to our Contractors

Big Change’ in our Referral Program

Now you can earn $1200


Mercer needs your help to grow the business. Growing our fleet helps us to build market share with quality shippers. If we can build market share with quality customers then we can add more and better load opportunities for our existing contractors. So, if we add more trucks then we add more customers and more load choices for you.


We know you are our best recruiters. Your knowledge of Mercer and your knowledge of the industry means that when you speak to a fellow trucker, he listens!! You can speak from the heart and you can speak from the pocket book about the value of leasing to Mercer.


So, we need your help to add 50 trucks nationwide to the Mercer fleet. And, because you can be our best recruiter, we want to reward you for your efforts. Therefore, for the next 3 months effective 4/30/12, we are changing the Referral Program so you can be rewarded with up to $1200 for helping us hire good safe contractors.


Here’s how the program works: You refer a contractor that we lease. After the new contractor delivers their first load, we’ll reward you with $400. When the new contractor hits their 6 month mark with Mercer, we send you another $400 and when they complete 12 months with Mercer, we’ll send you another $400. That’s $1200 in referral bonus ‘per’ contractor. And, you can earn $1200 for every contractor you refer that leases to Mercer.


Here’s an added tip: Stay in touch with the new contractor. Help him to be successful while you earn money from your recruiting effort. Welcome him into the Mercer family just like your own family. You might just make a friend for life!!


So, let’s go earn some extra money and add more load choices for yourself as Mercer grows with good quality customers!! Go Mercer!!