Good morning from Mercertown!  It has been about a year since we have transitioned over to trip scanning for the entire fleet.  It has been a big adjustment, and also a learning process, but for the most part, drivers seem to love the new system.  Even though, we have had a few minor issues.

A common frustration was the lack of image quality that the smartphone option produced.  Much of the paperwork we received from smartphones, had to be resent, because it just was not legible. Some of the problem was different smartphones have different cameras.  It was very hard to get a quality image from every phone. 

Now we may have a solution for those of you that prefer to use your smartphone to transmit your documents.  Trippak has developed a new scanner that is compatible with your smartphone.  It is battery powered, and just plugs into your smartphone.  You can use it to scan your documents into the Trippak Mobile App, and then send them to Mercer.

The trippak scanner will be available in our company store as early as next week.  It will cost $160.  Please keep in mind that this scanner only works with smartphones.  If you use a laptop computer, and have a Trippak In-Cab Scanner, you do not need this scanner.  But if you would like to use your smartphone to send in your paperwork through the Trippak Mobile App on your smartphone, this scanner will provide Mercer with a quality image, much better than using the camera on the phone to capture your documents.  There is also another compatible smartphone scanner like the Trippak model on the market.  It is the Visioneer Mobility Scanner.  I don’t have a lot of info on this scanner besides this link –

I do know of a Mercer contractor that is already using this scanner, and it works great!  If you have any questions, please use the comments section, and we will answer right away.  Have a great day, and GO MERCER!!!