Most of you read Uncle Lenny’s post about how to lower your safety score here at Mercer. He mentioned that Mercer will be paying for our contractors to sign up on the Eclipse logbook program between now and March 31st. This offer will only be good if you sign up for the Eclipse program. Driver’s Daily Log will not be paid for by Mercer. We are still working out some payment details with Eclipse, so we will do a follow up post on the blog with directions on how to sign up for this program. So don’t purchase the program just yet.

In addition, if you have already purchased and are running Eclipse or DDL logs, we will reimburse you for the start-up fees of the program. Our log department has a list of all of our current e-log users, and we will reimburse you very soon.

If you have any further questions, please use the comments section below, and keep an eye out for our next post with directions to get you started. Thanks, and GO MERCER!!!