I hear from drivers quite a bit, about how tired they are of reading about CSA 2010, especially on the blog.  Uncle Lennie, and I have been preaching to you all for nearly 2 years now, about how we really need you to not speed, log legal, and tighten down, so to speak, on your securement.

Well, now our CSA status is in black and white.  Our information is open to the public, and after reviewing it myself, I see that we still have our biggest problems with speeding, and logs.  You can see our status on this site http://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/sms/.  Put our USDOT# in the box and click on search.  You will be able to see that we are slightly above threshold in Unsafe Driving, and Fatigued Driving (H.O.S.).

I encourage you all to check this out frequently.  We need to continue to work hard to keep these numbers down, which will in turn help us build our customer base, and increase our rates.  As Len said before, our new Safety Policy is being released.  We will not publish it publicly, but I will discuss it soon here on the blog.  Thanks for all that you do out there, and let’s move one more load safely!