I will be doing Louisville inspections at the Sunbury, PA office (MSU) on Monday September 20 and Tuesday September 21, all day both days. My Louisville inspection schedule for the remainder of the year will be Newberry, SC in October, Tampa,FL in November, and Chattanooga, TN in December. Those specific dates have not yet been set. If you need a Louisville inspection before the end of the year, and you have some kind of aversion or allergy about coming to Louisville, come see me at one of these places. I also do hazmat recertifications. This year, if you are on my “guest list” in advance, I’ll pull your CSA 2010 scores and bring them along, too. Suitable for framing.

Speaking of inspections, today we will be releasing our new inspection facility list. Including Louisville, you now have 42 locations to get your 6 month inspection. We kissed and made up with Speedco so six of their locations are inspection points. We’ve added ten places that a bunch of you asked for, including a roving service in Eastern Michigan, shops in Salt Lake City and Portland, and a shop on the eastern side of Florida, below Daytona at Edgeland. That will be it for this year. I’ve got to work on other things. Keep your inspections current as well as maintenance reports. Remember, in the CSA 2010 environment, it is vital for you to do a thorough post trip and pretrip every day. Fix problems immediately, do not procrastinate.

A quick mention of inspection stickers is also in order. Most folks immediately put the new ones on the truck and trailer, as is required. Some drivers are still not putting them on, but stashing them in the permit book with the paperwork. We are seeing some states write up violations of 49CFR396.17 regarding Periodic Inspections if the stickers are not on the truck and trailer, regardless of the documentation in the permit book. These violations carry CSA 2010 points, and will also get you a no-expense paid trip to LKY to be re-inspected. Be sure the kind officer can see your stickers clearly when he is pre-screening you for an inspection. It might save you a tad bit of roadside grief.

The ability to get a clean inspection is a CSA 2010 skill that every driver must master. Quickly. Attention to detail during daily inspections, when securing cargo, when completing a log, and behind the wheel has never been more important for a commercial driver. Get it right today. Get it right tomorrow. Be safe.