We were made aware of an issue with the Contractor Web, and after taking some time, and investigating it today, I have verified that it is a problem.

When and “Advanced Search” is performed, most of you that use it, know that it will show the deadhead miles to the loads that are listed.  The problem we have here is that the miles that it shows are straight line, short miles.  This typically isn’t a big issue, but it can be depending on what part of the country you are in.

For example:  If you are in Milwaukee, WI, it may show freight in Michigan and it would only show the freight being 160-180 miles away.  The computer is running those miles across the lake!  If your truck floats, then your good, but if not, you will actually have to deadhead over 300 miles to get the load.

This may be an inconvenience for some, but it is the best way that we can include any miles on the Contractor Web.  I just want to make everyone aware that we need to be cautious about the deadhead mileage listed on the Contractor Web, and if you need a more precise mileage, call your coordinator.  Have a great day, be safe, and move one more load safely!