Dear Jason,

Just a quick note to tell you about what a great agency the Stockton office is. As you are aware I was injured while loading a shipment for their office and had had Andrea to call them and ask for some help. Kay dropped what she was doing and immediately came to my location, drove us to an urgent care and then sat with us until I was treated (10 stitches) and then drove us back to the truck. She called us the next morning to check on us and make sure we were OK. This office didn’t have to help at all, much less give their time to run us to the needed facilities for treatment. It just proves what a great group of people that they are. If there is any way to honor them for helping out please let me know what I might be able to do to facilitate this. You should also know that Jason in night dispatch made sure we were all OK and even called his wife at home to start the claims process so there wouldn’t be any delay in being covered when the bills come in. I have only been with Mercer a year but with agents such as the Stockton office and corporate personnel such as Jason and my coordinator Allan Hoyle, I hope to stay here for many more years to come!

On to a final note about this incident, had I NOT been wearing safety type glasses while trying to tie down the smoke tarp (the bungee/tarp strap had slipped loose and shot upwards twords my eye) I am certain I would have lost either my eye or at the very least the ability to see out of it. All it takes is just one time to ruin your day and possibly your career. Safety is not something to laugh about and I am living proof as to how it might just save you. I hope others can and will learn from this. Please feel free to publish both the letter and the attatched photos.

Tim A. Lester