As you know, all Mercer contractors are subject to two truck inspections per year.  One of those two inspections must be performed by a Louisville-based truck inspector.  The other inspection can be performed by one of our approved outside inspection locations.

If there are defects found during an inspection, regardless of your location, the defects must be corrected immediately within a 25 mile radius of the inspection site.  After the defects are completed, you must return to that inspection site to receive your paperwork, and stickers.  If for any reason, the inspector gives you paperwork and stickers, it is your responsibility to correct the defects, and return to the inspection site to have you paperwork signed.

If you have any further questions, you may contact Jeff Gibson in our inspection department at 502-625-3266.  For a current list of all Mercer approved inspection locations, please click on the “Inspection Locations” tab at the top of the Mercertown Blog home page.