There are several loose ends that I wanted to mention before the long holiday weekend. These are in no particular order, but each is worth mentioning here:

IMTA Safety Award. Yesterday it was my honor to receive on our drivers’ behalf the Indiana Motor Truck Association Fleet Safety Award. We won the truckload 5-10 million mile category for the best accident record in Indiana in 2009. Mercer also won that award in 2007. Our drivers are the best. Each of you should be proud of a job well done.

Novita Side Eyes blind spot detector. I am looking for a couple more volunteers to test this device. It consists of  sensors mounted on each side of the cab below the doors and small LED lights mounted on the mirrors which illuminate when something is in the blind spot. Mercer has purchased five of these systems for testing. One is already mounted on #7098, Matt Stone. We have three more commitments, but one may not be available and one spot is still open. For now, we prefer Volvos, and also will limit it to folks that have been here more than a year. The only model we cannot do it on at this time is Internationals. It must be installed at the Novita facility in Brentwood (Nashville),TN. It takes about a half day.  They can handle the truck and trailer. Give me a call if you have some interest. Other than the time for installation, it costs the driver nothing. And yes, you can keep it.

Speedco Inspections. Effective immediately Speedco facilities are no longer Mercer inspection stations. As soon as we got them going, they decided that they wanted to only use their inspection forms/stickers. Great folks, but that was not the deal going in and simply doesn’t work for Uncle Lennie. We use our forms and our stickers. Those locations are in the process of being replaced.

CVSA inspection blitz. Don’t forget that the annual 72-hour inspection marathon is Tuesday, June 8 through Thursday, June 10. WE NEED CLEAN INSPECTIONS.  If you are going to truck during that period I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you have a shop check your rig out in advance, particularly the brakes and all air lines. ABS lights need to work. Don’t forget to have washer fluid in the windshield washer tank. I’m not likely to listen to excuses for log or load securement problems during those three days. It is not in any driver’s best interest to exceed any posted speed limit by any amount for any reason.

Finally, it’s important that we all take time this weekend to remember what Memorial Day is all about. It’s not about the sale at Best Buy, or buying a new mattress or a new car.  It’s about honoring those who served and sacrificed so we can  continue to have the rights we enjoy.  Please take time to remember that. To all of our drivers, employees and anyone else reading this…….if you served in the Armed Forces, thankyou, thankyou and thankyou.  America on a bad day is head and shoulders above anyplace else.