As most of you know, under both SafeStat and CSA 2010, cargo securement is a major deal.  It is important that every driver uses the correct number and type of cargo securement devices and that they are not defective. Many of our write ups for securement violations come from defective 4″ straps. Drivers tend to hang onto 4″ straps longer than they should, often citing cost as the reason.  We want that to change.

Effective immediately, the Mercer Company Store will sell 4″x30′ straps for $10.00. No limit. But it gets better: If you turn in a used 4″ strap, the new one will cost you $8.00.  Again, no limit.  We want defective straps off of all Mercer units. This is open to Mercer drivers and contractors only.  This is your chance eliminate defective strap write ups in a pretty cost effective way. Go for it.