We should see an announcement today from the Department of Transportation, about banning texting while driving for all commercial drivers.  We talked about this on the blog previously, and I think that most of you are in favor of this ban.  In fact, I  know that the majority of you don’t even text at all anyway.  The only concern I have is if you are driving past a D.O.T. officer on the highway, and you are dialing someone on your phone, how will the officer be able to tell the difference between dialing and texting.  Best bet to not do either.  With the wonderful new rules of CSA 2010, you really don’t need to give an officer another reason to pull you over.  I’m sure that they will really be enforcing this at first, just to prove a point.  It wouldn’t hurt to use a bluetooth headset, and also use voice activated dialing on your cell phone if it’s capable. It’s official – http://blog.fleetowner.com/trucks_at_work/2010/01/26/banning-trucker-texting/

We have had several issues with the contractor web lately.  The problem occurs when you try to search for freight by an individual state.   The site will either be really slow in displaying the freight available, or it will be completely unresponsive.  We are addressing this issue, and hopefully it will be back to normal very soon.

I know that there has been some confusion about the drayage/flip service in California.  We do have drayage/flip service for our non-compliant trucks in Southern Cal. We are using a couple of different services out there so I don’t know the exact rate to the driver.  It may be different on each load, depending on which company performs the service for us.  Best I can tell you for now, is talk to your coordinator about the container freight that is available, and they will be able to look in the order comments of the load to see what the charge will be.  I would imagine that it will be in the $100-$125 range, but it could change.   I will probably post more on this later, so stay tuned!

News released today that 2009 saw the biggest decrease in goods shipped by truck since 1982!  On the good side of that is that Truck Tonnage reached it’s highest peak in December.  Hopefully, we will continue on the uphill climb!