Lately, I have had several contractors tell me that they had to stop going to Canada, because they don’t have a passport.  Who has the time or the money to get one anyway?  I think I may have found a good alternative for truck drivers though.

A Mercer Contractor showed me his passport card the other day.  It looks a lot like a driver’s license.  It can be used to enter the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda, by land border crossings, or sea ports-of-entry.


The card is equipped with a RFID chip.  As you approach the border crossing, the RFID chip communicates to Border Patrol that you are close by.  This will expedite your crossing, because they will have you records pulled by the time you reach the border.

The card costs $45 for an individual that does not currently have a passport.  If you do have a passport, you can get the passport card for $20.  Click this link ( to get more information on the passport card.