Enforcement of the Ontario and Quebec speed limiter laws is set to begin in both provinces on June 1. This follows the six-month “soft enforcement educational phase which began January 1. The law requires commercial trucks operating in those provinces to have speed limiters which restrict the truck’s speed to no more than 105 kilometers per hour (approx 65 1/2 mph). Drivers must carry documentation in the truck proving the restriction has been flashed into the unit. Officers have the ability to plug a tester into the unit’s data port in the cab to verify the restriction.

Mechanical (non-electronic) engines are exempt but if you get a ticket for speeding in a mechanical engine truck, you will also get a ticket for having no speed limiter. Repeat offenses can result in the unit and the motor carrier being banned from operating in those provinces.

Anyone running Ontario and/or Quebec with an electronic engine should get it reflashed now, or don’t go there. Those who receive either speeding or speed limiter violations in either of these two provinces will be not be allowed to return. Mercer will not tolerate anyone jeopardizing our ability to operate in either Ontario or Quebec. We expect all US carriers to be closely monitored for compliance with these laws.