As everyone prepares for the long Memorial Day weekend, it is important to take some time to remember and honor the meaning of Memorial Day. This time was set aside to honor the sacrifices that the men and women of our armed forces have made, throughout every generation, to defend and protect the American way of life that we all enjoy. Mercer has drivers and employees who have served in the various branches of the military in Korea, Viet Nam, Bosnia, Grenada, Panama, Germany and throughout the Middle East. Each of these individuals is a hero to which we should all be grateful.

Nearly every year I ride to the Wall in Washington DC to remember the sacrifice that members of my generation made. No, I didn’t have to go…..I was in ROTC at Murray State when Nixon ended the draft (and shut down ROTC).  A number of my friends did go, and every year I touch some of their names on the Wall. They were real people who didn’t get to continue on life’s journey: Didn’t get to marry, or have kids, or grandkids, or anything else.  Doing that is the least I can do to honor and remember what they did. It was called “duty”……a lot of folks don’t have much understanding of that word today, it seems. The word “honor” doesn’t seem to mean much to people anymore, either.

Drivers, if you served in the military, and especially during Nam, thankyou.  This country may not be in real great shape today, but it would be in far worse shape had you not stood your watch protecting our freedom. Because, as you know, more than anybody else, it’s not free.