Fine for idling in Dallas, TX

do_not_idle_signLast Friday, a Mercer driver was fined $409.00 for idling more than ten minutes in Dallas, Texas. This is a new regulation and is part of a growing trend. A number of our drivers have had to pay the $300 fine for idling longer than five minutes in California. More and more states (and cities) are jumping on this bandwagon. Drivers can get a list of idle restrictions by state by going to  It is worth checking, particularly with warmer weather approaching. An APU should be on every driver’s Christmas list. At some point, it will be difficult to truck without one. 

Len Dunman

Safety Director

Preselection Option on hold

computer_fireThere have been a few complications with the new Preselection Option for the Contractor Web.  We will have to shut it down for now, while we work out the complications.  I will update you when we are able to release it again.  We fully expect to release it to the entire fleet very soon.

Monday Morning News and Views

I hope everyone had a safe weekend.  And I hope that all of you moms had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  This blog is becoming a great success, and I really appreciate everyone’s feedback.  Seems like we receive more and more comments each day.  It will probably be a busy week here in Contractor Relations, and I am off tomorrow, so we might not see a lot of posts, but keep checking, and feel free to comment on all of our previous posts.

Be aware of fines being handed out at the Pilot in Dallas for idling your truck.  A driver told me that no signs are posted, but fines were given just the other day. 

Here’s a good article on Jason’s Law, which may lead to better truck parking across the country.

Is the trucking industry bouncing back?  Analysts say things are looking up for 2010.

16,000 Trucking jobs lost in April industry wide.