aaej0377eozzie-smith-turning-double-play-photofile-posters1Cards beat Cubbies, 7-4!  You are probably wondering what this has to do with Trucking.  Fact is, it has nothing to do with trucking.  I am a huge St. Louis fan, an Heidi is a huge Cubbie fan.  When the Cubs and Cards play, we hardly speak, and if we do speak, it is probably somewhat disrespectful.  Just put this post up for her.  Go Redbirds!  Now, on with some real news:

Werner reduces fleet size, after first quarter profits fall

USA Truck Inc., cuts costs after first quarter loss

More bad news on the economy, and freight availability

Are Mexican trucks safe enough to travel in the U.S.?  Hopefully our government will stand strong, and keep Mexican trucks out of the U.S.  I personally believe that the majority of the Mexican trucks we allow into the U.S. pose a great danger to everyone on our roads.  What do you think?  Please comment below.