Today is TAX DAY!  Hooray!  Do you need an extension?  Our friends at Central Business Services, Inc., can help you out.  We currently have many Mercer drivers using their services.  They specialize in tax service for Owner-Operators.  Here is the email that Mark just sent me:

Jason / Heidi: Yes, tax day is here and things are crazy on this end. Hope business is picking up for Mercer.
I wanted to let you guys know that we have the ability to file any extensions for Mercer Contractors that are not able to meet today’s filing deadline electronically. There is no cost and we are happy to help if anyone needs to buy some additional time. The extension would make the new deadline for filing October 15th and would waive any late filing penalties. It DOES NOT eliminate the interest owed for late filers in the event that they owe the IRS money. NOTE —- if they were our clients throughout the year, we would have told them the correct amounts to pay in each qtr to prevent any significant amount owed or returned…basically a wash when filing.
If you think it would be helpful to send a message to your fleet, please do so and let me know so we can be prepared for the calls.
Info needed:
1) Full Name of contractor and spouse (if married)
2) SS# of Contractor and spouse (if married)
3) Address
4) Filing Status (single / married / married filing separate )
Please have them call 317-813-1001 and anyone that answers the phone can assist.