mobile-marketing-mobile-broadband-and-netbooksLet’s face it.  As technology changes, so does the trucking industry.  Can you even think of the hassle it would be to stop and find a payphone these days.  You can barely even find a payphone anymore.  Technology has come a long way.  Pagers, then cell phones, gps systems, and now computers. 

Since Mercer has created their contractor web load board, we have seen more than half of our fleet get online.  Over the course of the past year, we have helped several contractors search for, and buy computers.  Not everybody is willing to spend $500 or more to invest in a new computer. 

Obviously, if you are reading this, then you already have a computer.  But I know that many of you may read this from home, and do not have a laptop.  Or you probably know another Mercer contractor that doesn’t have any computer access. 

As I was browsing through the Sunday newspaper, I found a great deal for Owner Operators that are interested in purchasing a new laptop for the truck.  AT&T was advertising, in the Louisville area, a netbook, which is a mini-laptop, for only $79!  Netbooks typically go for at least $300-$400, but if you sign up for AT&T’s wireless internet package ($60/per month), then they will sell you a netbook for $79.  AT&T is only doing this in certain cities right now, and this price is for the Louisville area.  I have seen prices as low as $49.99 in other cities, such as Atlanta, and Philly.

I am sure that other cell companies will follow soon, and have affordable deals of their own.  Our contractor web will soon give you the capability of preselecting your own freight, and we will continue to add more and more options in the future.  So if you know of a Mercer driver that is looking for a new laptop, pass this info along, or have them call Heidi, or myself.