We have visitors here in Louisville today.  C-TPAT(Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) representatives are present in the office.  The goal of the visit is to check up on our office personnel to ensure that we are taking all of the possible steps to stay C-TPAT certified.  Just an example of how this affects you, if you have ever hauled a container out of Long Beach, or out of any port for that matter, then you have hauled a C-TPAT load.  Military freight also applies.   If we do not stay current with C-TPAT standards, then we simply don’t get the freight.   These standards basically apply to any freight that is going out, or coming into the country.  That’s why it is very important that we follow their guidelines. 

I know that many of you do not like to sign in every time you come to our office, and you definitely don’t like to wear those armbands that rip the hair off of your arm.  We don’t make you wear those for our comical pleasure.  Wearing those bands, and being accounted for on the sign-in sheet is all a part of being C-TPAT certified.  Louisville employees also have to wear i.d. badges, and can only gain access to many buildings here with those badges.  Security is a big issue with C-TPAT.  We don’t want anyone coming into our office and gaining computer access to find certain high visibility shipments.  It may sound far-fetched that anything like that could happen, but it could happen. 

Whenever you haul a C-TPAT load, a 17 Point inspection is required.  These are the safety steps that we require our contractors to take, so that we can retain the shippers that require C-TPAT carriers.  If we were not certified, then we would simply just not be capable of hauling many of the loads that we haul on a daily basis.  Right now, we need as much freight as we can get.  If you have any questions on C-TPAT, contact your coordinator, or Heidi, and I.