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About Mercer

Choose Your Own Road

Our nationwide network of freight agent offices helps us create a large customer base. Mercer offers owner-operators a variety of commodities to haul such as iron, steel, pipe, machinery, building materials, glass and military freight. Mercer has been ranked as one of the top five carriers nationwide for government traffic, making us the proud recipient of the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC) Quality Carrier Award.

Our Door Is Always Open

Mercer’s open door policy means there are no barriers or restrictions between the owner-operators and the Mercer staff. Mercer does not operate a “behind closed doors” business and owner operators are welcomed and encouraged to make themselves at home at the Louisville headquarters and deal directly with their coordinator. The personal attention and open atmosphere are key to the success of the contractors and the company.

Mercer Transportation for 40 Years!

We have been making owner operators happy and successful for 40 years. Learn how at the link below or the FAQ page.

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As an owner-operator, you own your own business — now it is time to own the road. Mercer offers the opportunities and supportive atmosphere needed to secure all of the benefits that you deserve.

Delivery of medication may require additional precautions, when ordering medication online, be careful.

Benefits and Perks

You’ll love the perks at Mercer Transportation. Here’s a preview of just SOME of the benefits available to our Owner Operators

Open Deck and Dry Van

Earn 75% of gross revenue (excluding 1% insurance surcharge)

Prompt settlements through our Quick Pay Program

Save at the pump with our Fuel Discount Program

Consistent Freight and no forced dispatch

100% owner-operator company. No company trucks to compete with for freight

Fuel taxes filed and paid when running our plate

Open door policy at the home office

Valuable safety, revenue and years-of-service credits

Work directly with one Coordinator for planning and load needs

Freight availability throughout the U.S. and Canada

100% fuel surcharge paid to you.

Large customer base of over 12,000

Tire discounts

Online load board and mobile app to help keep you connected

Mercer Mentor Program – seasoned Mercer veterans to help you learn the ropes

Minimum Requirements